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Is anyone doing a video?  I don't really want one; I'd rather have lots of pictures.  It's important to FI, though, so we're going to look into it.  Any recs?
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Re: Videographers?

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    we didn't think we wanted one either.  However, we had a really good friend (husband of a bridesmaid) video our entire wedding weekend, rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, wedding prep, wedding, and reception.  We watch it all the time.  You really do forget all the really fun and important details until you watch it.

    Yes, ours is not professional just having our friend do it.  but it is really personal and he caught every moment that we love to relive!  And better yet it was FREE!!
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    We weren't really sold on video either... until I started watching some of them, and then I kinda wanted one.  It still wasn't a huge priority though, so we did an add-on with our photographer for video.  After we had decided to do it, the photographer sent us some sample videos, and I was AMAZED at how well done they are, and I'm thrilled we decided to use him for both things, and his pricing was really great!

    I didn't look into too many before then, since it was fairly low on the importance list...  but if you have a photographer booked, maybe see if they have something simliar, or have any good recs for you?   If you don't have a photographer yet, you can check out mine's site if you want.   All of his pricing is on his site, and he's wonderful to work with!    http://www.mikemaez.com/
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  • belgirlbelgirl
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    Go on craig's list - there are always people on there willing to videotape weddings for free to build their portfolio if they are just starting their business.  Video wasn't high on my priority list, but I thought it would still be nice to have one, so I am going to try this route. 
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    We haven't used them yet, but we're using Taken Video. I was not planning on using a videographer until my planner highly suggested. The thing is I have a terrible memory and later decided this would be great to have. Also, there will be moments I won't participate in (Groom getting ready) that would be fun to see later. What really convinced me was their very flexible payment option. The woman I dealt with I think it was Krista?? was super sweet and I love foward to working with them.
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    Hiring a videographer (a professional one) was one of the best things I did!  My video is nicely edited so I do not have to watch 10 hours of raw video, but all the important stuff is there.  It is amazing to watch our vows and the speeches and just the joy of the day, things that were not captured in photos.  I can not wait to show it to our kids some day!  So, if it is in your budget, I HIGHLY recommend getting a pro videographer.

    We used Serendipity and they were amazing!  Our video turned out movie quality!  www.serendipityvideography.com
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    I got her name through a friend of a friend - she came to our house and showed us samples of her work.  Thought the prices were really reasonable.

    [email protected]
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    A friend of the family's just used this company who is in Phoenix and they created a truly incredible short film of the wedding ceremony.  I was blown away by the final video.  I don't think they usually do weddings and not sure on price, but I know they are really good and you will get something very different than what the videographers who do this all the time deliver.

    Their web site is www.ballboy.net.
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