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Columbus Wedding Help

My fiance and I live in TN, but we are getting married in Columbus, since all of our family lives in that area.  I have a very tight budget, and want an outdoor wedding.  We were thinking the Whetstone Park of Roses for the ceremony, a (renting the gazebo) and possibly renting their shelter house for the reception, but I need some opinions.  Not living in the city/state you are planning your wedding makes it difficult for me to determine what the best option would be.  We are thinking about 75 guests with a very low key feel.  Any ideas?  Thanks! 

Re: Columbus Wedding Help

  • The shelter house is pretty small. You could try the Clintonville Women's Center (i think thats the name of it) which is directly next door. Its pretty inexpensive and you get to choose your own caterer, etc. We thought about booking there, but decided against the Park of Roses for a May wedding...
  • I would say Clintonville Womens Club too. It is very nice. I attended a wedding and reception there a couple years ago. GL!
  • Depending on how low key you want it you could do, any park if you go to parks.columbus.gov you can find a lot of shelter houses on there, like maybe 6. 

    Look into the heimet haus, my friend was going to get married there, they have a beautiful view and then a shelter house that is huge and it very nice, that is in grove city. 

    I LOVE northbank park, it has a beautiful view of the city and looks amazing, the room is glass so if it rains you can still get the outdoor feel. 

    Depending on the budget, the darby house is very pretty, but it is very costly depending on when you want the wedding and what you want with it. 
  • Thanks for all the great tips ladies!! Looks like I still have lots of research to do, but it's all been very very helpful!
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