Sudbury Wedding 2012, with 8 months to plan....eeeak!!!

Hi all!

My Fiance and I just got engaged Christmas Eve (yes, a week ago), and here I am crazily planning a wedding that is supposed to happen in August of this year.

Why August 2012, you ask? Well, I didn't want to get married in 2013 (I'm superstitous), but didn't want to wait until 2014, either. I also have had this crazy dream to get married on the dock at my parents lakeside home near Sudbury, ON so August would be the latest warm month to do so.  

So I have 8 months to plan this. Did I mention that I live in Toronto, so this will all be done remotely? And have a budget of approximately 15K?

Am I crazy? Somebody tell me I'm not crazy.

Any words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated!

-Amanda :S

Re: Sudbury Wedding 2012, with 8 months to plan....eeeak!!!

  • I grew up near Sudbury so I know the weather.  September is still a nice warm month as well if your looking for just a few more weeks of extra time as well, Plus you may get some nice leaves chnaging as well.

    If your going to have an outdoor wedding ( I am) I can't stress enough to have a plan B. Either a new indoor location or a tent will work.

    If your looking for an officiant try these guys, they have officiants across Ontario and this is the company that FI and I have gone with.

    I would strongly suggest you go buy your dress ASAP, some designers can take up to 6 months to make a dress so you'll want time to get alterations as well.

    If you have a chance to go back home to plan some of this, do it. Otherwise don't be afraid to ask your parents for help or even close trusted friends.

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  • Thanks! I'm going home next weekend for the Sudbury Bridal Show so hopefully that gives me some ideas. I'll check out that website as well - thanks!!!! GL on your wedding!
  • I saw your posting and it reminded meof my situation.  We decided to get married last September, but we really didn't decide to have the wedding in Montreal until mid-November.  So we've kinda been dragging our heels on planning.  Plus, I live in Vermont and my fiance lives in Montreal, so it's been hard for me being so far away and not knowing the area very well (you at least have that advantage since it will be in your hometown).  We are also on a $15K budget, and so far I haven't felt like that won't be enough.  We already have a photographer, ceremony/reception venue, I ordered save the dates, I have a dress, we have some leads on a DJ and bartender, and I'm slowly accumulating a liquor stockpile.  Our next big thing is to get catering and actual invites to send out.  Our wedding will be at the end of June this year, so in total, we'll probably only have about 6 months worth of planning put into it.

    Here's what I've been doing, and you can do the same thing.  Google!!!  You can find literally anything on Google (or on here) and search for what you need that way.  I google what I'm looking for, cake, flowers, venues, whatever and then when I am in Montreal for the weekend, I followup.  That's how we found out venue.  Or I do a lot of research through email as well.  Although maybe it's just the French/English barrier, but I haven't had much luck getting responses to my emails.  Plus if you have people in town, then you can send them on errands or recoinnosance missions for you.  I'm also doing a lot of DIY projects, so those I can do from here and then just bring them to Canada with me. 

    I think you'll be okay!  Although, I'm not too worried but then I talk to my mother and I hang up feeling like we're so behind and we're never going to get it all done!  So, maybe I'm crazy too :)  Good luck and let me know if you need any help!
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  • I live in Sudbury and am getting married in October... I'd be glad to discuss vendors and such if you'd like. :)
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