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How Long Should a Processional Song Be?

Hi everyone :)

I'm not sure how long of a song to pick for the processional. I will likely be using the same song for the pastor, bridesmaids, groomsmen, and myself to walk do to...Actually, who all is supposed to be in the processional!! I have no clue about these sorts of things.

We will have 3 bridesmaids and 3 groomsmen. Plus the pastor, my fiance, and myself (my mother will be walking me). Are there other people I'm supposed to include in the processional? 

Is a 2 minute 48 second song too long? Too short? Help me!!
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Re: How Long Should a Processional Song Be?

  • It all depends on how far of a walk each of you have.  I'd recommend not drawing the processional out too long unnecessarily.  The best thing to do is to contact your venue and get a recommendation as to the duration you believe is needed, and/or time it out at your rehearsal.  Just remember, the actual day-of-timing may be different depending if people walk fast or slow.

    If it's recorded music, you can just have someone fade the music out when you reach the altar.  If it's live, they will know how to adjust.

    As for who processes in, it's just up to you.  We had all of the family members walk in -- his parents, his bro/wife/2 kids, officiant, DH, my sister, and me with my parents.  For us, I just wasn't willing to deal with any drama between families is the young nephews weren't "included" or if one set of parents got to process in, and the others didn't, etc.  Others have the groom and groomsmen enter from the side and have a more traditional procession of just the bridesmaids & bride.  It really depends on what works for your style, your key guests, and your venue.  There's no real right or wrong answer. 
  • I have a recorded song I want to use. Will probably put it on a CD or MP3. I need to talk to the venue about the system they have. 
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  • I think you should take a look at this article. It should help you out some for the who's involved question you had.
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  • Totally depends on your aisle length and number of people and the pace you expect them to walk at.  I would walk your aisle (or estimate in your house) and see how long you think you need.

    We had 6 couples seated to our processional, it was about 3.5-4 minutes.  That was plenty long but I wanted to get through both verses of Jesu Joy.
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