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Re: In case you haven't seen it...

  • That's pretty funny! Thanks for sharing!
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  • Haha!  That is awesome.

    Also, this one: (click) has happened to me before.  In significantly less-dramatic fashion.  And at my first mass after being confirmed.



  • LOL thats funny! All my friends are "Catholic" but don't practice like they should so they all use brith control. I don't talk about NFP since we technically haven't started using it yet and because none of them will know what I'm talking about. I did make a post on facebook and FI best friend's wife, who converted just to please her hubby I'm sure, said she can't do it because she's not regular. You have to know her to understand but I gave up trying to explain to her it doesn't matter if you are regular and actually works great if you aren't regular! UGH people! My one friend offered a handful of condoms when I got into her car for my bachelorette party. She said she wasn't sure what we were doing but she won't be using them anymore since her marrige is ending in divorce because her exhusband can't keep his man parts in his pants. Anway...I said we weren't using birth control and I will chat with NFP. If people ask I'm not ashamed to explain it to them but so many people don't get it and think I'm a freak! I try to get people to understand it and how bad birth control pills can be for you but I'm not gonna kill myself doing it.
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