DJ Recommendations?

Can anyone recommend a good DJ? By a good DJ I mean someone who can read the crowd well and has a variety of music genre to draw from: latin, latin jazz, oldies but goodies from the 70's, 80's and 90's.

How much can I expect to pay for a night? The one DJ company I've researched is charging $1250 + GST.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Re: DJ Recommendations?

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    I'm using Lisa from Hello Dj!

    She's amazing! Very friendly!

    Check her out at
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    We were originally going to get married at the Rosehill Venue in TO, and with the venue came a DJ service-Katz Entertainment. We got lights, 6-8 hours (I can't remember), disco ball, etc...I think it was one up from the basic package, and they were quoting us about $900. Sounded great, but they never answered emails or updated their website which has been under contruction for about a year now. So, be wary if someone point you in their direction.
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    WE are using Randy at Impact Entertainment. He is really great, but you will be paying around 1275. He did throw in some bonus LED's and slide show projectors for us at no cost, which was a nice bonus. Did you go to the bridal show? You can get great deals there if you are ready and willing to sign on the spot. Let me know if you want his contact info.
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    Also, a few things I forgot to mention:
    He does cash payments

    he has an online database where you can rank songs (must play, play if possible and DO NOT play) which I really like, so I can make sure the songs I want to hear get played. They are pretty professional guys, and I really like that they don't have any cheesy DJ signs advertising their company when they are DJing events. They can also MC for you if you want them to.
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    Thank you all for your suggestions. I have contacted Lisa at Hello DJ and we will hopefully meet with her soon!

    If anyone else has any other suggestions, feel free to send my way! ;-)
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