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how do these venues compare?

FI and I are looking at waterfront venues (not on the beach). Some of the possibilities are: Lighthouse on the Cove, Marina Shores, The Water Table. Those of you who have used/visited these venues, how do they compare? Is their service quality and reliable? A friend said she had booked Marina Shores a while back and was pleased with the service, but that they had changed management since then...

Re: how do these venues compare?

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    I've attended weddings at all three, Lighthouse on the Cove I didn't care for because of the odd floor plan, Marina Shores was OK, but the night club crowd was out of control, the Water Table was my favorite.  My sister had her wedding there and used this company to arrange her catering, DJ, Linens, Bar staff etc.  www.primoevents.net Good luck!
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    I have the Water Table booked and have researched the others.  A large group of friends went to a wedding at the LIghthouse on the Cove and had the same opinion of the odd floor plan.  Essentially you eat upstairs and dance downstairs.  So if you have any older guests or people who want to alternate between sitting and dancing, they don't feel like they're as much a part of the action.

    Haven't heard much about Marina Shores other than they were "ok" and there had been some recent drama with preferred vendors (they may have figured that out already though).

    The Water Table has a really large nice wood dance floor and an open floor plan.  Deb is amazing to work with.  We didn't go through an event company as we already had a specific photographer and planner in mind.
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    Thanks for the heads up!  The layout at Lighthouse on the Cove does sound rather awkward, and would definitely be a problem for our older guests. 

    Vendor drama?  Isn't trying to plan a wedding drama enough?  Does anyone know what issues there were, so we can see if they've been addressed?

    The more I hear, the better The Water Table starts to sound.  My main concern there is finding a reliable event company or planner. I'll check out Primo Events like you suggested.  Any others that have a good reputation...?
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    Weddings by Michelle and Isha Foss are both great planners in the area.  Not sure what your budget is though.  They offer different levels of assistance I think.
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