Is this Wrong? TTD Vent

Many of you know we are going to do a TTD shoot after our brunch reception and prior to our Luau. Well tonight I came home with a white clearanced bikini to wear under my dress for the shoot. We have seen pictures where the bride puts her husbands dress shirt on at the end of the shoot and of course I didn't want it wet and see through.  I was so excited to tell my FI that I was not going to ruin my VS lace bridal wear but instead an old navy white bikini. He just looked at me dumbfounded. I asked him why the look it was only $10. His exact words were "You are worried about ruining $80 of VS wear but not concerned at all about ruining your $700 wedding dress?". I know he is right but I am just not into the whole dress thing and he knows I am only wearing it for him. Sorry just had to vent, oh and share my great clearance deal. 

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