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alternatives to paper invitations

My fiance and I are exploring the idea of using digital media to send our invitations.  Have any of you heard of or have seen someone using a wedding website for their invitations and responses?

If not what are your eco friendly invitation ideas?

Thank you

Re: alternatives to paper invitations

  • We didn't send digital because I read - don't know anyone personally that it happened to - horror stories about family members and friends forwarding invites to people who shouldn't have been invited.  It's more difficult, I guess, to control who gets your invites and opens you up for the awkward, "Um, yeah... you actually weren't invited..." conversations.

    I can tell you, we printed our own invites (5x7 double sided, no enclosures) at home with soy ink on 100% recycled paper (from  We are using online or telephone RSVP and it has so far really sucked!  No one is RSVPing and we are down to less than two weeks to go before they are due.  Not sure if that's a function of online RSVP, though, or just people being a pain. :-)

  • I used seal and send invitations printed on tree free (cotton) paper. I bought them on etsy from LilGriffin624 and I got TONS of compliments on them.

  • We also have phone/email RSVPs only and it has been difficult.  Our deadline is in one week and only 30% have responded.  We also did an online only registry (through and some older relatives have had problems accessing it.  

    We made our invitations on acid free, recycled paper and used a typewriter for the text.  We included an insert with a website of additional information instead of including maps, directions and such with the invite.  I'm not sure how well it's working.

    When it comes time for our children to send out invitations, I think we can be paper free, but at this stage, too many people still do not have a grasp of the technology.
  • Our invitations are printed in 4x6 photos, instead of envelope to hold them we used an inexpensive photo album less than $1.00 that way guest would not throw it away and it will be double use as a favor, and also after wedding we will send the thank you note in same size along with some pictures 4x6 of the wedding.
    Go green.
    p.s. the RSVP card we used promo postcards and regular postcards that way we saved on postage and an envelope we will throw anyway.
  • We used Green Field Paper Company, a printing company in California that uses 100% recycled, repurposed and/or plantable seed papers. They have a ton of options for printing your invitation (we did programs with them too), and the all-in-one invites have tear-away postcards for your RSVPs. Mimi was amazing to work with, and I would recommend this company to EVERY BRIDE, not just anyone looking to "go green."

    Cheers all! Happy weddings to you!
    The Future Mrs. Stevens October 2, 2010 Wedding Countdown Ticker
  • im making  my own   invites with handmade paper  used  from old bills and what not. lol.  and  putting seeds  in them  so they are plantable.
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  • I wholesale for They have paper made from agricultural waste such as leftovers from banana, coffee and sugar crops, all paper is handmade too. Im probably using this, or a handmade seedpaper.
  • I am also doing the plantable wedding invitations printed with soy-ink.  They really do grow nice wildflowers so I'm really excited about these because it ties in so well with our wildflower/tree themed wedding.

    We have also been considering doing the invites or placecards in elephant poo paper...not too sure if it's "wedding appropriate" but it's hillarious and eco-friendly!
  • We're using to send digital invitations. We're designing them ourselves, but they also have many design options to choose from. They collect and store RSVPs for you and you can denote who is actually invited (e.g. the e-mail will be addressed to Mr. and Mrs. Smith <[email protected]>) They also print and mail paper invitations to selected guests, which is great for older and non-tech savvy guests. We're also sending our save the dates using Pingg. They're customer service has been really nice and helpful so far as well. We're still in the early stages of things, so not sure how it's all going to work out, but I looked into it and there are a lot of online sites especially made for sending wedding invitations, so it's really not tabu anymore.
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