Publix Cake? Which location?

I am considering using Publix for my cake. I had a cake tasting at the Publix location at Ansley Mall. HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE!! However, I still want to use Publix because I know they are capable of making good cakes. Anybody use a different Publix location (close to downtown) that they would recommend?

Re: Publix Cake? Which location?

  • Great question, I was wondering this also. Care to share more about your bad times?
  • I moved from Atlanta, so I am an out of town bride now, planning everything from a distance :-( I called Publix a few weeks before I was arriving to arrange an appointment. When I arrived at the bakery, I told the lady that I was there for a cake tasting. She handed me a little cake that looked like a "smash" cake for an one year old's birthday party and walked away. I asked her about the cake and what I was suppose to do with it. She said "you want to taste wedding cake, right?". I was confused so I asked her do I taste it at home and then tell you which piece I like?, What about pricing? She said "You have to have an appointment for all that". I told her I made an appointment. She shot some quick prices at me and that was it. I let one of the members of my bridal party take the cake home. Ultimately, the cake did have different fillings in different pieces. But, the cake wasn't pre-cut so my bridal party member was literally eating one piece of multiple fillings.
    I have a coworker that had a totally different experience at a Florida Publix so I was wondering which Atlanta location could offer more.
  • Oh No! I will be sure to share if I find something out!
  • Do NOT use Publix for your wedding cake!  While they make great 2 layer cakes that go home with you, they have had the repeated reputation that their wedding cakes are not put together well and FALL!  

    I wanted the same thing and asked several of the venues I was considering if I could use Publix and they all said no and provided me a similiar tragic cake story.  When I found my wedding planner, she went through her laptop pictures and showed me the disasters that were provided via Publix.

    Many of them were cakes that didn't look like what they ordered and several of them were not stabalized correctly and fell (one even prior to the couple cutting the cake!).  When the couple asked for their money back, Publix said "No...It was fine when we left it there." 

    Needless to say, we found Sharon with Sweet Sensations and breathed easier!
  • The Publix in Dallas Hwy or the one near by Kennesaw are GOOD!
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