Invitation Pricing?

Hey Girls, I just posted this in the Toronto board, so sorry to those who are seeing this post twice.

I just got back from a meeting with an invitation company....I really liked her stuff but I am worried that I am getting ripped off.

How much are you spending/did you spend per invitation?

Re: Invitation Pricing?

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    The companies that I met with in Toronto all charged at least $5/invitation and that didn't include enclosure cards, response cards, etc... Overall the cost would have been well over $1000 and  FI was not willing to spend that on invites. I thought it seemed pricey but most of my friends spent betwen $1200 and $1500 on their invites so maybe that's just standard?  We're going the DIY route instead.

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    I work with brides - there's a big variance between different cards, some have lots of handwork and some have fancier paper... so it does range. I would say the average price is $3-6 an invite set (including response card). If you're looking at letterpress then it's about $8 and up.

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    check out, and and also check the website ETSY.
    We decided we wanted something more modern than the expensive letterpress style, so we are DIYing, It is working out to 1.20 an invite plus postage.

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    YGPM, Redskittle Laughing
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    wow where are you shopping  my daughter is about to order them and they are very nice tri fold black with silver writting at only $200 for 100 inv and response cards at Invitations by Dawn... unless someone knows something about this company  It sounds like a great deal??
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    wow....100 invitations for $200 including response cards is a steal compared to what I have been quoted! THe lowest I have found is 1200 for 100 invitations!!!
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    Thanks for the ideas, ladies!
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    A designer friend is custom designing and printing ours. He's estimated it'll be around $850 for the whole shebang (invite, RSVP card and map, which he's designing himself, plus printing costs and envelopes). We really, really like his work and it's meaningful because we've known him for a long time. It's on the pricey side but we're saving a lot on other aspects of the wedding so we decided to go for it.
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    I'm doing DIY - I bought the kit from Michael's.  40 invitations = $39.00.  The kit included invitations, response cards and of course envelopes :)

    I haven't printed all of them but so far they look incredible!!!!
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