custom rings???

hello ladies i'm hopping some of you who live on the island of Oahu can help me.
I moved here not so long ago and was wonderign if nay one had a recomendation on a jewler here that would make a custome ring for me? I love my wedding set but it made of crystal needless to say i alreasy shattered one and woul like to have a set made to look identical but with stronger stones. i have lloke endlessly online but i'm not sure i trust someone i cant even see with such an important piece of jewlery. i have also heard endless horror stories of jewlery not turning out the way u want it. i would much rather go to aperson i can talk to face to face. thanx ladies for any suggestions even if its website u have had good experiences with 


Re: custom rings???

  • can you not just switch the stones out?
  • Try Russell at the Diamond Specialists. He is located at the Kahala mall near the movie theater. He is a very nice guy. I fell in love with a super expensive designer ring and he replicated it for me for about 30% of the price. He reset the stone from my original engagement ring. He even did it in under 2 weeks so we could have it before a trip to the mainland. I would call and make an appointment so he can give you his full attention. It's a tiny shop. Best of luck!
  • thanks for th einfo ladies 

    i could switch the crystal out but it would cost me more then the ring is worth its also something me and my DH have been wanting to do. 
  • Forgot to mention that he makes sure it is exactly what you want before he makes it!! He will show you a computerized picture and if you like that he will have a wax model made. You see the model in person and if you want to change anything you can. Once you are satisfied he will make it. If you decide later to replace stones he can swap stones out in the same setting. Free cleaning and buffing also. He will work with your diamonds so if you wanted to buy diamonds from a wholesaler he can set them for you. Much cheaper!
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