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Hey guys im vlk263 and on september 10th,2011 I will marry my airman.  We have been togeather a little over a year and have been apart for much of our relationship but were togeather for 4 months so weve gotten a taste of both worlds already.  we are both 21, i will be 22 in october.  He is a crew chief stationed in north carolina which is amazing because it is so close to my home in virginia.  Just thought ide introduce myself and let yall know a little about me and my FI.  Cant wait for the wedding obviously and to hear from everyone! 

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    You're going to marry someone you've only had 4 months face time with?  You're brave.
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    haha we've had more time togeather just not more time living in the same town.  I see him alot actually because hes only 2-3 hours away and im moving there in december so we will have plenty more time togeather :)  and im not scared.  I know marriage, i hate to say it but, isnt all about love.  I truly do love him but we both realize it takes more than that to make a marriage work and we've had that mentality with our entire relationship.  I do love him more everday, no matter where he is, but we do have times where he makes me mad or something or bicker(rarely but yes it does happen haha) and we just have to come up with a solution and put it behind us.  but yes i think im brave too and its not the way i would have imagined it but I wouldnt have it any other way....well except me being with him right now haha.
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