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Non-Traditional... what do you think?

Im going to be having a pretty non-traditional wedding. I thought about it for quite a while, and decided there are some places I really would like to spend our money (photo/video/music/dress) and some areas where I just cant see spending big bucks (like the cake which is just gonna get eaten anyway!)

So although I haven't picked the venue just yet, Im really leaning towards the clubhouse at my Aunt & Uncle's community - its VERY, VERY fancy, but will be a LOT less expensive than having it at a hotel or ballroom. 

But I wonder if people will find it tacky? I mean, the place looks like a golf or country club, but its a residential clubhouse. Does that seem odd or cheap?

Another area Im really looking at going non-trad is my officiant - my fiance and I are fairly non religious, but rather than have a reform whatever-the-clergy do it and charge their donation or fee, Im thinking about having my sister do it, shes a notary public and legally allowed to do so. Plus, she's really funny and witty and a very good public speaker. 

But again, will this come across as clever and personal or just look like 'the bride is cheap she's having her sister do the ceremony'?

What are your thoughts?

Re: Non-Traditional... what do you think?

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    I dont find it tacky at all. Its about a celebration with those who love you and your FI and if people care about the material things they shouldn't be invited. I think its a great way to save money and if you like it go for it.

    I'm having my old boss/friend do our ceremony. He is a notary and I think it's special to have your sister do it.
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    The clubhouse seems very nice and you can def dress it up if you are worried about it not being "fancy" enough. But remember do what you and your FI want. My mom always adds in her two sense and I just tell her I am marrying my best friend and thats all I am concerned with. I am not doing it to make other people happy.
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    Not tacky at all. Do what is best for you. We are going non traditional and having the ceremony and reception at a restaurant :)
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    I think it's fine. Not tacky at all my venue is a club house in a residential area. The golf course is public. They have parties and weddings there all the time. I think having your sister marry you is so sweet. It's not cheap, it's a lovely touch that people will think is so heart felt.

    100% not tacky!!!
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    The club house at a residential area is totally acceptable and not tacky at all, however people may not be warn to the idea of your sister doing the ceremony since they may be expecting to attend a jewish wedding.I do not know your family but I know my crowd would be like that... You also have to remember that your sister is a notary public so it's actually no different than going to a courthouse no matter how many readings and cute poems she may recite...
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    My sister is marrying us too! Neither of us are religious and I love the idea of her doing it versus someone we don't know. I think it adds a personal touch.
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    I agree, I don't think it's tacky at all, and you can add your own touches to make the clubhouse the way you want. I think if you want your sister to marry you, it's sweet! Not cheap or anything, and it's more personal.

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    Oh my goodness it is not tacky for cheap at all, take it from someone that knows!  I am having my ceremony/reception at the club house of my grandmother's complex in Boca.  It is located on the water and really nice with separate bathrooms, ballroom, kitchen, and sitting area.  Not to mention it is free!

    With flowers, candles, and decor you can transform the clubhouse into the place of your dreams!  

    I was going to have my sister perform the ceremony, as she is a notary, but since she is my maid of honor, I thought it would put too much stress and pressure on her, so we are having a family friend do the ceremony, as she is also a notary.

    Good luck with everything! 
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    I don't think it's tacky at all!! I WISH someone I knew had a clubhouse we could use!
    I also love the idea of using your sister as your officiant-- it would be so much more meaningful.

    Remember: try not to worry about what people think- it's your day! It will be beautiful.

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  • <div>I also wish I knew of a clubhouse we could use! Anyone know of nice ones that are open to non-residents renting them? THANKS!</div><div>
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    [QUOTE]I don't think it's tacky at all!! I WISH someone I knew had a clubhouse we could use! I also love the idea of using your sister as your officiant-- it would be so much more meaningful. Remember: try not to worry about what people think- it's your day! It will be beautiful.
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