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Said Yes To The Dress

I went to Kleinfelds today with my mom and sister in law and fell in love with my dream Pnina. My mom did too and I said yes. It was a great experience. I met Pnina who measured me herself. I couldn't have imagined it any other way. OMG I'm in shock still! I did not expect to commit to a dress today.

Re: Said Yes To The Dress

  • OMG congratulations!!! I'm so glad you found your dress. I love that show, and Pnina's line is amazing.

    I haven't even started looking at dresses yet... I'm going to be living in New York next year but the wedding's in Houston. I haven't decided/figured out where I should get the dress. I'd imagine it might be less expensive in Houston but of course, since I won't be living there it'll be harder to get to alterations and everything. Eep. 

    Would you say Kleinefeld's was worth it??? 

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    pinterest, obvi.

  • Congrats!!! Dont you feel great having your dress. I didnt expect to get my dress when I did either. It is an amazing feeling! Send us a pic of the dress.
  • Kleinfelds exceeded my expectations and is well worth it. Go for it! I had comments made I was looking early. However, Pnina told me she has been getting a lot of orders and recommends a year to a year and a half.
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    How exciting, I've had my dress for awhile and worry that I wont like it when it comes time to gettng married but everytime that I have put it on after getting it, I just can't wait to wear it again! So glad you found the one you wanted! It makes things so much more exciting!
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  • Congrats!! That's amazing!!!! :)
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