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Tapawingo or Sunset Lakes Golf??

Has anyone ever had their reception or been to one at either of these locations?  We're considering both though I'm leaning more towards Tapawingo.  The cost seems pretty reasonable but I was just hoping to hear from others who have experience with them.  Or if you have any suggestions of similar places around or near the Kirkwood area I'd love to hear them!! Thanks for your help!

Re: Tapawingo or Sunset Lakes Golf??

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    I have TRIED to have my reception at Tapawingo and I strongly suggest you not to waste your time with them! They have extremely poor customer service!

    I had sent several emails to them first to see if we needed an appointment to come by or if we could just stop by at any time.  So FI and I just decided to stop by there to look at the space and to also talk to someone. They had the space available the day of our wedding, she never once asked us if we wanted to put our name down to reserve the date while we think about it. We decided we definitely wanted to have our reception there. My mother stopped by a few days later to try to put a deposit down and the manager or her assistant were not there! Went back up a few days after that when we were told they would be there to put a deposit down and the lady was "out playing golf" and her assistant was not in. Finally we got to meet with the assistant and found out that someone else had put their name down on our date, but they had not put any money down. They said they would call this person to find out if they are going to put money down or not and would call us within 24 hours. Well 2 days go by and no phone call. FI and my mom both try calling and they are not there. My mom left messages and they never returned them! Finally later that week, they call and say that the people put their deposit down but that we were welcome to pick another date! Well, we already had the church booked and I was not going to change my date!!! Plus we were so fed up with them that we decided it was best to look someplace else! With all the trouble we had trying to get in touch with them just to set the date and put a deposit down, just think of how horrible they would be with the rest of the planning process!!! My mother has contacted someone to report their poor service. I was also planning on writing up the information I just gave to you as well as a review on my other vendors after my wedding (which is in less than 30 days!!!)

    Hope this helps you and anyone else looking! Have you tried looking at "Two Hearts" I think is the name? (At Lindbergh & Gravois). We looked there and it was very nice, they were just already booked for our date.


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    I originally wanted to have my reception at sunset lakes but decided not too...well more my dad said no, and since he is paying...i couldnt say too much anyways

    The lady that runs sunset lakes was always extremly prompt in returning my phone calls, and even came in one day from her house for me to look around.  The outside of he building is pretty drab, and the inside has a very nice view. Its family run so they are willing to work with you.. We really negotiated and got her to come down on the price by 3-4$ per person on teh dinner and she was very negotiable in having children and not making you pay full price for the children. She said if we bought decorations she would hang them for us and take care of everything.  She had some chair covers and said if we rented the rest she would tie all bows and make sure everything is in place.  Like I said she was very willing to work with us!

    Although it was great customer service, its a little out dated and run down looking..as far as the bar looks, and the room.  I honestly believe at night with decorations no one would have noticed the stains on the ceiling and other needed repairs like my dad did, but thats my opinion.  We were also worried about space, she said they can seat about 300, but it would have been cramped and that was a big issue for us as well.
    and since the cielings are low we were worried it might echo or be to loud with a dj, but I would def recommend checking it out! It was my first choice, but llike i said my dad offerd to pay and wasnt to thrilled with it!
    Good Luck!
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