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Overwhelmed Bride to Be

I'm brand new to this message board thing and need some advice ASAP. I'm getting married in less than 5 months! Our reception is at the Hilton Garden INn at Levis, and the ceremony (hopefully) outside at our church on Dorr. We have a DJ (Mr Entertainer) and the cake (Eston's, yummm) but I need help with:

Invitiations - we are DIYing it, using a Gocco (how sweet are those!!) but I need #10 pocket folds that don't cost an arm and a leg, ORRR someway to make our own!
Favors - we want creative favors but I'm stuck!!! HELP! :)

Who has met with photographers? We are looking the at higher end photographers - I'm trained in photography so I'm pretty picky! We are looking at Considering Lillies, Decisive Moment, and Grand Lubell. Anybody have any opinions? It's so hard to tell from just a meeting!

Re: Overwhelmed Bride to Be

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    I've had many friends who have used both Grand Lubell and Considering LIllies and all have highly recommended both.  We met with Grand Lubell and I LOVED LOVED LOVED them.  They are out of our budge though.  :(
    I haven't even started to work on invitations yet, so I really have no clue.  But,I would put a mention on the Detroit board.  A lot of those girls are doing DIY items and have a lot of internet vendors.

    Good luck!
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  • nyreknyrek member
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    You may also want to check out Mary Wyar and Love is Greater Photography.  They both have an amazing artsy style.  Mary's a little higher priced, so we ended up going with LGP and are sooooooo happy with them!!!!

    I can't help with paper options...I ordered my stuff online from Invitations by Dawn.  Once I looked into everything I would need to DIY, plus the time it would take to do it...I found it actually cheaper and much less stressful to just buy them.  Plus, I got my save the dates from them...they were shipped within 3 days of ordering them.  They're really quick!!!

    As for favors...what kind of ideas are you hoping for? Edible...practicle...any specific them or colors you're looking for?
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    I won a free engagement shoot with Joe from Decisive Moments.  Our pictures came out really nice. The engagement pics are look a little posey but they do a much better job with the wedding pics.  I still would have booked them but they are out of my budget.

    As for the invites, I am making my own pocket folds.  I used a sheet of 12 x 12 cardstock to 7 x 12 (I'm using the scraps for escort cards, table numbers, and favor tags).  I creased it using a paper cutter that also creases so they would be crisp and straight.  The middle section is 5 inches the side 4 1/2 inches.  I used a different color to make the pocket.  I have a template at home for that.  I'll post pictures when I get home from work.  I'm very happy with them and they cost less than a dollar a piece including shipping!  I can send you the template if you like them.

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    Here are the pictures I promised.  This is the prototype.

  • Deitra61Deitra61 member
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    I would love the template if you don't mind.  [email protected]  thank you
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    I've never met her, but Sarah J Photography gets rec'd sometimes.  The stuff on her website is beautiful!  (sarahjphoto.net)

    I'm using Jennifer from Moments by JEM (momentsbyjem.com).  She is so nice and her work is fabulous!

    I'd say for sure keep the favors edible.  That's the way they're most likely to be appreciated and actually taken.  If you run out of time or it's causing you stress, just skp them... no one will notice!

    And, I don't really know anything about the pocketfolds, but I bet if you ask on the DIY board, you'll get a ton of responses.  I've heard cardsandpockets.com and Anchor Paper both recommended before, but I don't have any experience with either one.
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    Deitra: AKA Mom: you beat me to asking for the template! But at least we're on the same page :)
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    We used Sarah J Photo. She was awesome, very friendly to work with. I also did a trash the dress shoot with her also. Mary Wyar was the second photog during out wedding and has since started her own business. Her work is great.

    I got invites through Promedica because that's where Dh works and we got a huge discount.

    As for favors, we had chocolate brides and groomes, a chocolate pig  (I collect pigs) and gummy hamburgs/hot dogs. Dh loves thoses. The chocolates were molds and didn't take long to make.
  • raychullakeraychullake member
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    AWESOME!! Thank you everyone! Carly, I love your invite prototype! The idea to do another color for the envelope pocket is something I hadn't thought of! We decided to do DIY because I loved being able to design them myself, it's just the initial stages of the prototype that have me a bit stumped. I will have to check out the detroit board tho for sure. Thanks for the tip Kelly!

    Favors... yea I'm beginning to wonder if we should skip or do something like the oh so trendy assorted candy table (I always want to call it a candy bar but people get confused, LOL!)

    So we're also thinking about having paper flowers for the reception decorations. I've found some really cool templates (paper-source.com has kits that I was hoping to get templates from too) What do you guys think about that?  Let me see if I can find some photos....

    The kits are at http://www.paper-source.com/cgi-bin/paper/kits/flower-kits.html   (check out the magnolias)
    I can't find the other type, but it looks like a little rose bud.

    The bonus is I could enlist the help of all the friends who are volunteering, and get a lot of it done next month. Has anyone else tried paper flowers?
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