Anyone here?

I am relaxing and enjoying the house to myself. What about you?
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Re: Anyone here?

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    Ahhh smelly sorry I'm late.  And that the crickets are chirping...what the heck??  Lol!

    I've been busy tonight..I decided to make necklaces for my BM's!! I hope they like them!  I've never made any kind of jewellry before!  I posted on the July board too...but I'll AW them here too hehe.

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    Those necklaces are seriously so cute!! LOVE THEM!
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    Hehe thanks!!
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    Sorry the VKN didn't really work out that well.  I think they work better on the wedding month boards, since all the girls are at the same place in planning.  On this board, some brides are years out, months out, very close to, or even married already - the amount that we all check the board is more varied here.  Definitely try again, however! :)
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