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Military Brides

Happy Hump Day!!

Haven't been around much, just thought I'd say hi!

How has everyone's week been?  Any plans for the weekend?

Yesterday I went to the State Fair, I was sort of sad  I didn't see enough  crazy "Fair People"  but I enjoyed seeing the 4-H Exhibits, especially once I found people I know!  Well not really know, but I knew their older siblings. I am the weird person that loves to see the animals and the exhibits instead of ride the rides and stuff. I guess it comes from my aggy background.

This weekend I am excited for my Business fraternity's semi annual hayride! and well football!

Re: Happy Hump Day!!

  • Heeeyyyy!! :D

    Haha animals /> fair rides in my book XD

    Not much is going on here, just found out a tentative schedule for FI's first deployment and time in the police academy. It's such a short time frame...Things are going  to have to fall exactly into a certain time frame for things to work out to our ideal (he's finishes the academy before going on to pre-deployment training and we manage to get married in between, but only after I've finished the spring semester) Haha! So many details...thank God for military clauses!

    I still need to get a TV to be able to watch the games />.>
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