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August 2012 Weddings

Online RSVP Issues

Is anyone else having issues with their wedding websites from the Knot? On my RSVP's I put down the website so people could RSVP online instead of mailing one in if they wanted. Now it seems that people are RSVPing online and it's never coming through. Are they doing it wrong or is something screwy with the website?
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Re: Online RSVP Issues

  • Yes, TK's wedding websites are well know for having huge problems, especially with the RSVP function. Usually if somebody asks if she should use a TK online based product, people on these boards advise against it, because TK has terrible customer service and isn't trying to fix these many bugs. I'm sorry you're having this problem, but there isn't much I can think to suggest, other than trying to spread by word of mouth that the website is working poorly.
  • Could you email people and ask them to RSVP via email rather than via the website? It's quite unreliable, unfortunately. I'm not sure how many people you invited, so the email could be tedious, but it might be your best bet (otherwise you'll have to call people in a few weeks anyways, if you don't get their RSVPs).
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  • I guess that's what I get for not asking first!
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  • Oh my goodness. I also did online RSVP and haven't heard about any issues. I guess I'll found out when I call a bunch of guests for RSVP after the RSVP date. *Sigh*
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  • You could put a note on the homepage and rsvp page of your site that says that there are some technical difficulties and please e-mail the rsvp to {insert your e-mail} and then say please include your meal option of {choice1, 2, 3} if you're doing options. Good luck.

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  • Thank you VNEluvsAJB!  Some people can get through and RSVP others cannot.  I was tying to find a fix because I do not have everyone's emails.  I will put a message on the homepage!  Awesome!!
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