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Registry question

What should we register for?

We've been living together for two years and when we moved in together we bought all nice stuff. We've got a great, high quality cookware & bakeware set, beautiful handmade dishes, all nice furniture, appliances, etc.

We have no need for household items... we have no hand-me-downs and we love everything we have so we have no need or want for replacements.

People are still asking for our registry information. I've set up a honeymoon registry, but I know that not everyone will be comfortable with that so I set up an amazon registry too, but I find that everything on there is stupid and frivolous. i.e. the Margaritaville Frozen Concoction maker (we have two blenders, why do we need this?), a larger food processor (we've got a small one and I've never needed a larger one but it felt like a good thing to register for), and board games.

Re: Registry question

  • Some of the non kitchen things we registered for were picture frames, really nice luggage set, a clothing steamer, and fancy high thread count sheets. I have a frozen concoction maker and that thing is awesome u should keep it on there. Do you cook a lot, if you dont have a le cresuet dutch oven they are amazing. And if you bake a kitchenaid mixer. I also thing board games are a cute idea, I have heard of people registering for camers/video cameras too but I am guessing in your line of work you already have fancy cameras:)
  • You don't necessarily have to do cooking stuff, do you need area rugs or night stands, any artwork or mirrors you may like? We kept our registry small in the hopes that people will just give us money (we need a new couch & want a bedroom set). 
  • Personally I'm not a fan of honeymoon registeries and they aren't common in my circle of friends.

    With that said, FI and I have both been on our own for years now.  When I moved in last year we realized that while we had a lot of stuff, a lot of it needed to be updated.  We registered for towels, sheets, showers curtains, kitchen items.  There aren't many items on our registery that are items we put just because. 

    Also you might find it easier to register at some place like Target or Bed Bath and Beyond, etc.
  • Yep, we had a bunch of stuff too but ended up registering for other things. We did register for stuff we could replace (replace old dishes and glasses), but most of the things we registered for were completely new. We registered for really nice Waterford china and really nice flatware, we got a new grill (a really nice Weber gas grill that is the best thing ever), a Flip HD camera, picture frames (nice ones for wedding pictures!), and a bunch of nice-to-have frivolous things like you mentioned--a waffle maker, cooling racks for baking, champagne glasses, etc.
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