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This is the lamest board on TK!!!  I tried hard during my wedding planning to make this board active and give feedback to others.  I married a Mexican, I had a latino wedding....but lets face it....This board totaly sucks!!!

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    I agree. This board is not as active :( I'm hoping it will be soon. Maybe other brides don't know about this board? It certainly does need more action :)
  • Cynthia1207Cynthia1207 member
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    Ditto.  It became ''active'' for a little bit but it's really pathetic. 
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  • Nati05Nati05 member
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    I feel sad that I have to agree. I tried hard for a while too but I've given up. I think there's really only a good 5 of us tops that check back. Other than that, it's dead. I really wish it wasn't.. it could be a lot of fun :-\

  • leah2489leah2489 member
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    I know I wish more people would visit, I need help! lol
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  • Jojo714Jojo714 member
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    Hi ladies... =) I see that this board really isn't that active. I promise to come in here more, I had came on here a few weeks ago, but left cause I saw that the posts were so far apart. For example- Posted 1 day ago   Posted 3 days ago Posted 1 week ago Posted 26 days ago?
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