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Rhode Island

Limo recommendation needed

Hi ladies!!

I need a limo recommendation. I'm hoping to go as low cost as possible. Our wedding is on a Sunday, so I'm hoping that will help, and I only need a limo for 10-12 people for 4 hours.

Please let me know..
-who you used or who you're using
-how much do they cost
-did you/are you getting any discounts
-would you use then again??

Thank you in advance!

Re: Limo recommendation needed

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    I am using RockStar Limo - I am getting an executive transporter (like a small bus), it holds 10 people, you all get your own seats and it's 6' high so you can walk and feel comfortable in it.  It's less than $600 for 5 hrs and they provide complimentary champagne.  I didn't get a discount because my wedding is in prime prom season.

    So far they've been wonderful and I would highly recommend them!
  • I am using sentiental Limo in EP. I am getting a small bus holds 21 people with complimentry champagne for about 6 hrs. I got a 25.00 g/c from a bridal show from them and it cost me roughly 600.

    They are very nice and pleasant to deal with so far! :)
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  • ladies- this is great news. I was getting quotes well over 800$ so thanks for the suggestions. Transportation is def. something I am annoyed to have to spend money on (our ceremony and reception and hotel are all in a 5 mile radius)- so I am glad people are finding affordable options.
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  • Thank you for the tips!! Keep them coming, I need all the help with transportation that I can get.
  • I used Rockstar as well.  We originally booked a limo bus that was for 20ish people I think and it was a little over $600 for 5 hours on a Sunday in July.  The day before the wedding, the A/C broke in the limo bus and Rockstar got in touch with my DOCs.  The ended up sending us the Rockstar bus because they didn't have any of the small buses available.  Obviously that was an upgrade that we weren't charged for bc of the circumstances.  I was very pleased with their services and Meaghan was great to work with leading up to the day of the wedding.
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  • I'm going to use Robin's Limo.  They were by far the only vendor I have dealt with thus far that has gone above and beyond in helping ease my mind.  First of all, they got back to my email questions right away.  They even meet with me the day after Christmas, when most other places were closed.  The office manager Kim even took time to drive to where I am getting picked up before the ceremony to ensure that the big limo can fit in the narrow city streets where my mom lives.  They are so accomodating and are the only vendor that I've dealt with so far that I feel 100% confident will turn out perfectly. Oh and very affordably priced, the best prices I was being quoted for the largest vehicle I found.  I would 100% recommend them to anyone! Even for your smaller sized vehicles.  Good luck!
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