Oh no - where to cut??? long, sorry!

I'm in a funk. My parents are divorced, but have been getting along great... until now.

They were both going to help pay for the wedding but now "the divorce" has come up and my dad has decided that because my mom won't sign over money that she was given in the divorce decree (from 22 years ago), he can't afford to help pay. So my initial budget is now slashed. This is after I've already been using it to figure all of my expenses.

We have already put down deposits on the venue, caterer, DJ, florist, photographer, cake, officiant, bartender and hair/makeup. I've bought my dress, shoes and jewelry.  We're ordering invitations this weekend. The only thing not official yet is the linens and table decorations and we're supposed to go do that next weekend.

So my question is, where do I cut out expenses? I thought I was already being pretty thrifty - I'm not spending a whole lot as it is, but everyone we've met with is already booked for the day. I will lose my deposits on all of them if I cancel. My fiance and I are trying to come up with what we can to supplement the amount that my dad was going to provide, but it's really stressing me out.

Any suggestions? TIA.
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Re: Oh no - where to cut??? long, sorry!

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    Have you talked to your dad and explained to him that you made decisions based on money that he said he would provide? Tell him that while he's trying to hurt your mother, he's really hurting you and your fiance. 

    If he is still determined not to contribute, think about your guest list. Did you send out save-the-dates? If not, can you cut the guest list? Can you go thrifty on the linens and hit the dollar store for table decorations (That is what I'm doing and it will probably only cost $3-5 per table for centerpieces).

    Finally, if you and your fiance cannot pay for the additional amount, you'll just have to let some of those deposits go. While you will lose some money, at the end you'll come out ahead. Good luck!
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    Even though you've booked the vendors, you might be able to alter their services. Talk to your florist about using cheaper flowers, maybe your DJ has a less expensive package than the one you picked, or your baker can cut costs on the cake somehow? If you were going to offer a full bar maybe you could do just beer and wine, or shorten the length of time the bar is open?

    That really sucks that he would change his mind after you're already so far into the wedding. :(

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