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Need ideas for a Christian bachelorette party

So a friend of mine is planning a bachelorette for her Christian friend (my friend is no longer completely part of their faith, so she's struggling and is begging me to help). All she could give me was that it needs to be "clean, non-alcoholic games."

Does anyone have any ideas? I'm Googling some things, but I figure there would be no harm in asking for extra ideas here.



Re: Need ideas for a Christian bachelorette party

  • Wrkn925Wrkn925 member
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    Kidnap her, take her to Chippendales, and funnel tequila down her throat.

    How about bowling? Maybe a place like Dave & Busters?

    Dinner out and movie night at the house?
    Spa day?

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  • redheadfsuredheadfsu member
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    Spa day, Movie night, Camping, Cooking class, Pottery class, Night at beach house, sports (like tennis or golf), Shopping trip, Art class, or anything they do for fun normally.

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  • lalap69lalap69 member
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    Girls night in - movies and a slumber party, maybe?
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  • deburnindeburnin member
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    For my friend's (it was a surprise bachelorette party due to drama), we just got together at her DH's parents' house, watched "Pretty Woman" and had fondue with a few close friends. It worked out pretty well since she's not a big partier anyway. I basically just swung by the library and grabbed a bunch of sappy romance movies and then let the bride to be choose what she wanted to watch.
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  • calindicalindi member
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    It depends on her personality - what does she like to do normally?  Is she an adventurous person?  In which case, consider camping, white water rafting, paintball.  Is she goofy and fun?  Try roller rink, bowling, or a fondue party.  A total girly girl?  Do a spa day!

    My recommendation would be one of those Murder Mystery dinner parties.  You buy a box, everyone has a character and dresses up, and you all play out the whole thing over dinner.  I haven't done one, always wanted to, and they're supposed to be really fun!

    Like this one!  Click here



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    Thanks guys! I'm emailing her all of these suggestions.

    Unfortunately, all that I know about the bride is that she's Christian, has curly red hair, wears glasses, has a fiance named Sam, and will be moving to Alaska after the wedding. I can assume she's not very outdoorsy though, as my friend and the bride went for a walk and the bride ended up very out of breath and sore after walking up a hill.

    Cate, I really like the idea of the Murder Mystery game! From pictures I've seen of them it seems like the kind of thing they would be into. Thank you!

    And feel free to keep the suggestions coming. Since I'm unfamiliar with this bride's tastes I don't know how many will be hits or misses :P

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    The PPs gave you good suggestions.  I would only add taking her to a comedy club.  That can be a lot of fun and you don't have to drink!
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    There are also tea rooms that have all the neccesarry items to dress up for tea. The hats, pearls, crazy bracelets and rings, etc. and they serve you all different kinds of tea, hot and cold. They also have small food items, like tea sandwiches and soup. These can be lots of fun for a girls get together and very accepted by a Christian religious girl.

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  • leia1979leia1979 member
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    High tea sounds like lots of fun!

    One of my friends is pretty conservative. Her bachelorette party was this restaurant with Asian drag queen performers. There was also a dance club downstairs that was all girls and birthday or bachelorette parties.

    This was in San Francisco. =)

    Anyway, I guess my suggestion boils down to dinner and a show.
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    I've been to a three Christian bachelorette parties (well technically 4, but one we went out clubbing, and that's not really what you're looking for). On one we went to a comedy club (as someone suggested) however a lot of the jokes were pretty crude and about half of the group didn't really like it. Another we went the outdoorsy route and went for a picnic and kayaking. And the third one I helped plan, it was kind of a laid back party at my place for my best friend. We played some games like guitar hero, pool, euchre, etc, and had dinner (including some nice wine, wine coolers, and plenty to talk about). The alcohol really depends on the bride and her views though...
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    Sounds like everyone has given you some great ideas!  Now I'm dying to have a slumber party....
  • hetshuphetshup member
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    Slumber party
    Ice cream sundaes
    mani-pedi party

    For games-

    Make a wedding dress out of TP, who ever has the best one wins a prize (normally done in teams)
    Draw FI in his bathing suit- On paper on top of their head

    Scavenger hunt?

    I really love themed parties, so murder mystery sounds awesome.
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    A game you can play that can be clean is the bubble gum game.  Make up a list of questions for the groom (favorite color, first kiss with FI, if he was an animal what would it be, etc.) and call him up and ask him before the party.  Then at the party ask the questions to the bride and she has to guess what FI said.  If she gets it wrong she has to chew a piece of bubble gum....and keep adding to the pile the more questions she gets wrong.  This game can be dirty as well.....I've seen it played both ways, and its alot of fun to watch.
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    My friends are throwing me a shower at the church (complete with traditional shower games) in January, then the day before the wedding, they're throwing me a bridal lunch/brunch.  I'm definitely not one who wants a "traditional" bachelorette party (someone outside the bridal party hinted that they wanted to throw one for me, but my MOH's mom took over immediately and said they were doing the lunch because I want my FSIL and FMIL to be there as well as my OOT BM).  We're going to a restaurant called Mimi's - just simple and casual to relax and enjoy each other's company and that's exactly what I want.
  • keltonsgirlkeltonsgirl member
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    I attended my brother's fiancee's bachelorette and loved it!  Her sister rented a limo, invited the bridesmaids, personal attendant, etc. and we had a progressive dinner including a great little cafe, local '50s diner, and Starbucks. We ended up at the fiancee's sister's house for games late in the evening.  It was a lot of fun - we all just let our hair down, yelled and waved out the window, took random crazy pictures everywhere, just had a great time!
  • annherleannherle member
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    I am christian and getting married and i was planning mine with my MoH and we were talking about just dinner and some drinks.. nothing too big. i think that your friend should just have fun being a girl and almost a wife!! Just have fun!!! I know its hard but Christian's do have fun, just in a differnet way!!
  • NikkiSirgedasNikkiSirgedas member
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    My brothers wife had a Murder Mystery dinner at her sisters house, and it was a BLAST!!!
  • katanne9katanne9 member
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    Hahahahaha, I think this is title hilarious. I just saw this thread or I would have posted earlier.

    Well, I am a Christian, so I supposed I had a "Christian bachelorette party". Probably not-wild to most - only a pink champagne toast. No strippers. No penis toys or cake or straws or whatever (does this make me prude??). But we had a wicked ton of fun.

    We got all dressed up, went out to a fun restaurant downtown for dinner. Then we came back to a friend's house, and played a few games. I will explain in detail below in case they sound fun to you. Then we had a dance party and opened lingerie.

    1. We decorated cookies that were shaped like lips, panties, bras and sunglasses.

    2. While we were all sitting around waiting to go to dinner, they put out a bunch of dirty novels and women's magazines and people had to find the most suggestive sentences (bonus points if it was about something totally non-sexual).

    3. This last one was all my mom and her friend. We had a mock-Victoria's Secret angel's fasion show. My mom and her friend put on these ridiculous wigs and black spandex and then created all this hilarious themed (to things my DH likes) outfits (ex. hunting vest, with camo undies, bra with bullseyes on the boobs and carrying a rifle) complete to runway music and an emcee. They were all boisterous and hilarious tho, so it worked for them.
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