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September 2013 Weddings

Wedding Wednesday

Time to share some of those wedding details, ladies! Since we are all still early in the process, let's start with how it all started -- the ring! Show off your bling and give us some deets: were you surprised? Did you have a hand in picking out the ring? Any other fun e-ring stories?
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Re: Wedding Wednesday

  • Jlp818Jlp818 member
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    FI and I have known each other for many years prior to us becoming a couple. We started dating late in 2004 but earlier that year, FI's beloved grandmother passed away. She was an incredible and loving person who FI was very very close too. On March 3rd, 2014 FI and I ran some errands and had planned on visiting his grandmother, who was buried near our home. We cleared a bit around her grave and said some silent prayers. Tearfully, FI pulled the little box out of his pocket and got down on one knee (he was on crutches at the time after getting his torn achillies repaired!) and asked me to marry him! It was very emotional and special. I know how much she meant to him and I felt very honored that she was shining down on us during that very special moment in our lives! I did kinda know it was coming. :)
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  • I'll be back when I get home!
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  • mpicklmpickl member
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    FI told me he was going to a conference for his job and that I should come too so I could go to the fancy dinner afterwards. We drove up to a country club near his hometown (about an hour away) where the conference was. He told me to come back in a couple hours and then we would have dinner. I went to the mall, did some shopping, had my nails done... When I came back for him, he told me the dinner would be downtown. So we drove over to a resturant, near a park where we had our second date. We walked through the park to a bridge, and on the top of the bridge he stopped and told me we weren't really there for a conference (SQUEEE!!!). He pulled the ring out and I screamed a little and started crying (I think I said yes somewhere in there as well). When we walked off the bridge, all of our parents were waiting for us behind a tree to celebrate.

    FI designed the ring himself, with a help of a couple of photos for me. I knew he was shopping, but I was totally surprised when he actually popped the question --  he did a really good job covering it up!
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  • Jlp818Jlp818 member
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    love it Mpic!
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  • I picked out the setting and my FI picked the diamond!  I wanted some input because I'm going to be looking at it everyday for the rest of my life.  I love my FI but he's gotten me some questionable stuff over the years and while I'm happy to grin and bare it most of the time, I just felt like this was something that I wanted some say in.  He picked out the diamond on his own and it totally changed the way everything looked.  So while it wasn't a complete surprise, I really didn't know what it was going to look like in the end.  We've been engaged for two months now and I still can't stop looking at it!

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    We went to San Fran and picked it out.  I put it on after and never gave it back.  I was supposed to give it back to him so he could formally propose but sorry, it was mine all mine.  However, the next day I woke up and he was on bended knee and asked me.  He then started laughing and said, let me do it again better later.  Til now I think we just considered that our proposal.  It's def no beautiful proposal out of the movies but that's pretty much how it went down.  I love that rock and I love him even more!!  
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  • He took me to the beach and we walked like 5 miles. I had a gut feeling when he asked me if I wanted to go for a walk on the beach but after walking so much lol i figured it wasn't going to happen. Suddenly he grabbed me asked me if I knew how much he loved me and if I knew that he would love me forever and then got down on one knee. I burst out laughing from being so nervous! lol I said yes and gave him the biggest kiss ever. I absolutely love my ring he did such an amazing job. 

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  • Oooo fun! Everybody's rings are so pretty!

    This is kind of a weak picture of her but all I have on my work computer!

    I thought my ring was a bomb, believe it or not hahaha...He had his sister "deliver" a fedex box to our door.  It was Sunday!  I panicked since there aren't delivery's on Sundays and thought it was some sort of explosive hahahaha.  I clearly calmed down once he opened the box which had a treasure chest in it and he pulled out this beaut :)

    It sounds weird, but FI wanted one thing and that was to surprise me and catch me off guard.  I knew he'd propose soon and if he would have brought me out to dinner or anything, I'd be just waiting for it.  I was genuinely surprised-It was perfect!  And on the 2000th day of us dating!

    FI had an idea what I wanted....told him I'd be over the moon with a platinum setting with a diamond band.  He picked a round stone because of the brilliance and became borderline obsessed with finding a nearly perfect stone.  He did goooooooood.

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  • APDSS22APDSS22 O-K-L-A-H-O-M-A is OK member
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    This is my shiny. 

    My fiance and I met in college, freshman year, and started dating.  Senior year, I started to bug him about getting engaged before we got an apartment together after graduation.  We had talked about marriage, so that really wasn't a weird thing for me to be doing.  I was starting to get worried when, at the end of March, he still hadn't proposed, but I wanted to be surprised so I let him take his time. (One thing I should probably mention is we CANNOT keep secrets from each other, so this was kinda a big deal.)

    So April Fools' Day, one of my co-workers gets engaged *cue green jealousy dragon* and I bring it up casually that if he didn't ask me pretty soon...I was going to ask him.  Apparently, the poor darling had been planning on going out ring shopping with our one married woman friend the next day.  They went out and (completely unbeknowst to me) bought a ring, had it fitted and then set up the proposal.

    I come out of my dorm room, expecting to meet our friends for dinner because FI was "fixing their sink" (to be fair, it was broken and he did fix it...hours earlier.)  As I'm walking up to their car, FI pops out from behind the school bell tower with a box, gets down on one knee...(our friend pops out with camera capturing perfect proposal moment) and asks me to be his wife.  I jump/glomp him (not knowing there was a camera going off and my skirt was riding up) just as the stadium starts playing "Sway" right as a gorgeous sunset occurs.  I love the ring and I even more love the fact that he actually surprised me with it.

  • When FI proposed he put the ring just like this on the side of Cinderella's Wishing Well in the Magic Kingdom. :) 

    I knew that it was coming. FI bought a ring over a year before he proposed (note that is not the ring in the picture). He went to Kay. They lost some of the paperwork so the ring had to be sent out to get appraised again. They then proceeded to loose the ring. >_< 

    Before this, FI decided it would be a good idea to go ring shopping together for fun, knowing that he bought this ring. I fell in love with the one in the picture. So it was kind of a blessing in disguise that they lost it. They told him he would get a full refund, so he went to the place that had this ring and said he would get it. Well a few days later Kay calls saying they found it and would no longer give him the refund. They would allow us to change the stone and setting if we wished. So we ordered four rings to look at. One month went by, nothing. Two months went by, a ring came in but it was none of the ones we wanted to see. After six months of waiting, FI said screw this and sold the setting back to them for a better quality diamond and went to get the setting I loved.

    Alls well that ends well, but I will never shop at Kay again and would never recommend them to anyone.

    While I knew it was coming, I had no idea what he had up his sleeve! He proposed in the spot that I told it him had always been my dream, with a glass slipper and all! It was perfect. :)
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    Somebody once said, it's the soul that matters. Baby who can really tell, when two hearts belong so well?
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  • Apparently my FI carried the ring around all weekend. I, unknowingly, ruined his planned proposal every chance I got. After a long work day Saturday, we had planned for a dinner/movie date. We both weren't starving, so we ate at this little hot dog place that neither of us ever tried. After eating, I was exahausted and so we skipped the movie and went home.

    The next morning we decided to go to breakfast, but I invited my niece and Mom and ruined his next chance. Monday morning we ran our usual errands and went shopping, and I of course invited my niece along for all this as well. Finally, in the afternoon we were alone and sitting in his truck, we were going to look at one more Kohl's to see if we could find this necklace I had wanted for my birthday, before ordering it online.

    He asked me to close my eyes, and when I opened them he had a box out. I immediately thought he got my necklace, so I was so shocked and confused when he opened it and there was a ring. I actually asked him what it was, lol. When he explained it was my engagment ring I of course said yes and cried.

    I love my ring, and he did it all on his own! I had no clue it was coming!
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