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Hello Knotties!
I am TRYING to plan a destination wedding at virginia beach from NORTH CAROLINA and I am having the MOST DIFFICULT TIME.  I wanted to do it ON the beach but am having difficulty because of the large guestlist.  I cannot think of anyone else to cut to get it down to 150 people.  If anyone has gotten married on the beach most importantly VIRGINA BEACH  I am open to any and ALL IDEAs and advice on caters, vendors, cheap options...


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    Look into the Virginia Beach Resort and Conference Center. It's right on the water and huge. However, it's away from the actual oceanfront  (all the tourists and their traffic). It's at the other end closer to the bay and shore drive. But still beautiful. There is also the Lesner Inn. Lesner Inn is right on the water, but not the beach.
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    Hmmmm....I can see how having a wedding on the beach with 150 people might be difficult.  If you or he is in the military, I would definitely check out "Shifting Sands" in Virginia Beach. It's on a military base though but direct access to the beach.  Lesner Inn is a good option but not on the beach.  Otherwise maybe check out some of the hotels along Ocean Front (I think the Hilton etc.).  If you book a place for your reception in one of those Ocean Front hotels then you could have the ceremony on the beach and then in short walking distance have your reception.  It's probably the best way to go.

    You should also check out the laws here about beach weddings. I know you don't need a permit as long as it's under 20 people (I believe).  So for 150 you will definitely have to get a permit for it.... just keep that in mind.  I think if you google it, there are also "all inclusive" wedding packages that include marriage on the beach and reception afterwards etc... just google a bit.  Let me know if you have more trouble. I live out here and could give you some advice.

    Hope that helped!
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    my reception is going to be at Shifting Sands on Dam Neck Base. our wedding isn't on the beach but like arch16 said, there is direct beach access. it would be easy for you to do the ceremony on the beach and walk to the reception spot. As long as you have someone military or DoD (department of defense) to sponsor you, you should be able to have it on base.
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    You could also try Wyndam hotel! 

    It is a little further down from the main tourist area....  I've been to a large wedding there and they were planning to do the ceremony on the beach, but it was REALLY windy that day so they did it in front of the hotel (on the patio area) so it was still an  'ocean front' wedding.   They also had an indoor backup room, i think!  The reception room itself did not have ocean views.  

    Lesner Inn is not ocean front, but it does have pretty views and you can have your ceremony on the patio outside. 
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    My photographer is AWESOME.  She is located in Williamsburg, however I dont believe she charges a travel fee for VA Beach.   Her company is April Renee Photography.  Check her out at AprilRenee.com.  Her FB page has tons more pics than her website. (she is re-doing site)  Her FB page is http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Williamsburg-VA/April-Renee-Photography/52712804259?ref=ts

    I checked out several photographers and she was the absolute best - work and personality wise.

    (her prices are also reasonable)

    Hope this helps!

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    I'm using April too!!!! She does NOT charge to travel to Virginia Beach, because she is not charging us.  We already did our engagement pics and they turned out awesome!! Can't wait to see what she does with wedding...and you are right, she is very reasonable.
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