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September 2012 Weddings


I need some advice for my colors.  I don't want to do "fall" colors.  So I was thinking jewel tones.  Dark Blue, Dark Purple, Pink and Green with some Gold.  Any ideas :)
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Re: Colors

  • I am in the same boat. Everyone is telling me to do pinks,oranges, and browns but I like the jewels tones too. We are thinking of doing a deeper blue color (maybe cobalt) and a brighter green color (maybe a lighter shade then the blue). I like the idea of a darker color (representing fall) and then a lighter color (still holding on to summer).

    I am going to start looking into what flowers are seasonal during Sept. and go from there. I really am in love with green button mums and think they would look awesome against a darker blue color. 

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  • My colors are dark purple ivory and gold. But I would have chosen these colors no matter what season I got married!
  • I'm doing green and white :) Most of September is still summer so you shouldn't have to do "fall" colors if you don't want to! :)
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  • You really don't need to pick your wedding colors because of a season. I think it is kind of silly unless you like to be festive.

    Also, flowers are never really "in season". You can get just about any flower any time of year. There are very few flowers that are "seasonal" because so much is imported. You can get hydrangea in the dead of winter. Hyacinth and sometimes Tulips are the only things I can think of that have more of a season, because they are bulbs. You also don't need to pick your colors based on what is in season for flowers. Roses come in over 100 colors and just about everything can be dyed. Pick what you like and you will be able to find matching flowers.

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  • I agree with the Ladies I don't want fall colors. I am also doing Purple with Silver.
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  • We are sticking with our favorite color blue and adding in ivory and champagne.  No changes will be made
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  • What do you gals think of ... Pale Pink, Black with Gold accent?  I really can't decide.
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  • i love pink. pale pinks bright pinks. any. haha my colors are navy and fuschia
  • We are thinking about a Holly Green and Chocolate with sunflowers and gerber dasiys  what do you think?
  • I am doing light pink with champange and ivory
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  • We haven't decided on what colors we will be doing. My fiance likes blue and I like red so. The big problem with that is getting the Red, White and Blue look which is something we do NOT want to do.
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  • Our wedding colors are Silver and pale pink. I dont think it matters the season...it's ur day do whatever colors u want !
  • We're doing dark green with accents of autumn colors because our wedding day is on the first day of fall. Our wedding is very natural so we're sticking with a nature inspired palate

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  • We've decided on our "Colors"

    Mossy Oak Camouflage and blaze orange.... Yes, I know but it will be great.
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  • Our colors are hot pink/fuschia, black, and silver. :)  I would have chosen those colors no matter when we got married!  Pink's my favorite!

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    we are doing red, black and of course white, but thats just mainly the linens and things already at our ceremony/reception site. considering adding a lilac flower in with our red roses but not sure of what the overall look will be, we're going for the typical fairy tale romanticism...any input ladies?
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  • I LOVE Navy & Pink.. I wanted those colors.  But my future husband loves Gold.. so I am trying to see what I can about haveing Gold mixed in the colors ;)  I love your colors bubblybritt :)
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  • I was thinking of doing fuschia...but I don't know what other color. I have seen pictures of fuschia, yellow, and orange flowers that I really like. So something along those lines..
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