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don't use simplicity cakes

DO NOT USE THIS VENDOR!  I had so many problems with Kischa and eventually decided to cancel our contract with her.  Despite the fact that she promised to send our deposit back (we're still 8 months away from the wedding), I have seen nothing from her. She won't even return my emails/calls.  HORRIBLE SERVICE, HORRIBLE CAKES. 

Re: don't use simplicity cakes

  • coolcourt85coolcourt85 member
    edited December 2011
    I had contacted her earlier this year and we had scheduled a time to meet, she never showed, didn't call,  email, nothing. I noticed a month or two ago she had posted something on the colorado board promoting herself. I am glad she never showed up to that appointment. sorry that happened to you.
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    I had the same problem.  She told me she "forgot" about an appointment but then could not understand why we decided to go another route! 
  • poopiejamespoopiejames member
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    That same thing happened to my fiance and I. We were on our way to meet her in Denver for a tasting, and on our way she called and cancelled. When we tried to call her back she never answered our calls or emails. She was not at the house when we showed up and has not been heard of since.

  • TomandAliTomandAli member
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    I have had the same problems with SImplicity Cakes. Not returning calls or emails, cancelling appointments, not sending samples when she said she would and the excuses never end! She told me she had swine flu, her mom was in the hospital, her mom went into the hospital again the day we rescheduled for, and then she was completely out of touch for 2 weeks and told me she was out of town because her Mother in law died.... I'm very much doubting she ever intended to send me cake samples, seeing as how it turns out the two weeks she was gone, she was on vacation and her mother in law is very much alive....What I'm wondering is how many times her mother in law "died" or if any of these excuses sound familiar to you.

    I have heard great reviews about this place, and that they have great cake and lots of people love them. I don't know what I have to do toget the kind of service everyone else is getting, but either way I don't think it's worth the gamble of whether you will have a good experience or a bad one with anyone or anything to do with your wedding.


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    DO NOT USE SIMPLICITY CAKES!  I wish I had seen this post in January, which is when I contacted Kischa with Simplicity Cakes.  At first, everything seemed great, but now I realize we have made a huge mistake.  They NEVER return phone calls and cancelled our cake tasting via EMAIL.  Our tasting was at 10am, so I did not check email before leaving the house for the 30min drive to the house where the cakes are made.  No phone call was made to us to cancel, so we drove all the way there only to find an empty house.  Later that morning afer getting home I find I had an email that canclled the tasting...the email came in at 8:45am!!!!  I have never SPOKEN to either Greg or Kischa, only emails...they apparenlty don't know how to return phone calls.  I am terribly disheartened by this company and hope no one else falls for thier prices or "kudos" on their website.  From the sounds of it, they're gaining more enemies than return customers at the rate they are going.  I just hope I have time to find another baker for our August 13th, 2010 wedding because I do not feel that I can trust simplicity Cakes with something as important as our wedding cake!!!! 
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