Balancing going to school+wedding planning?

So I just need a little advice. Although I bet a lot of you have heard what I am looking for before. I took the semester off from school to help save money for a new car (the car I had was meant for the junk yard then driving around in) and try to start saving money for our wedding/plan a good chunk of it before I would be going back to school. So, today I get my letter of acceptance to the college down the road from me, and am just wondering how did you all balance going to school full time, working (I work as a waitress at Famous Dave's here), and planning a wedding?
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Re: Balancing going to school+wedding planning?

  • You can definitely do it!! I'm currently in grad school, was finishing my last year of undergrad when I got engaged, have a required internship, work ~20 hours a week, etc, etc. We gave ourselves 14 months to plan. Let other people help you and just work on the wedding when you have time. I just have to remember that other things are more important and need to come first.
  • I'm the same way - I get a little nervous about planning things far in advance. I wouldn't say I fly by the seat of my pants, by any means, but I usually don't plan things as early as a wedding typically needs to be. The timeline that TheKnot has is a great tool for figuring out what needs to be done and when. I thought we were doing things too early (we've been engaged since November 2010 and will marry June 2012), but it turned out that only a month after we booked the church, everything was booked! We got our reception place immediately after, and got our limo reserved just a couple months ago. I've found that if you book early, venues will give you some might also be able to get current prices if you sign a contract early...they could change if you wait longer. Just some things to look into. You can definitely do it, it's just a lot of time management :) Delegating tasks to trusted friends and family is a great idea too. I've also been noticing that my FI and I have very different schedules this summer, so I've asked him to do some things when he has time off, and I do the same. There are some things that he is in charge of (like tuxedos) so he can do that on his own and then ask my opinion. You got this! :D
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