Reception Venue + Hotel in One; on a $3k-4k Budget?

My fiance and I are getting married on Friday April 19th, 2013 and would like a hotel based reception to avoid drunken driver and to also accomodate our large group of out of town travelers. We need about 30 rooms total and are planning on about 160 guests. We are very budget conscious and have a total budget of $6-8k and are planning on about $3-4k for the reception and food. To assist with keeping the costs down, we are going to have a dessert only reception starting at about 8PM. We are thinking small two-bite sized type of desserts and a sundae bar. Having a reasonably priced bar (with maybe an hour or so open) would be nice as well. 

So far we have ruled out the Carol and the Carlisle Hotel, but are still considering the DoubleTree on 72nd (haven't had detailed food prices yet though).

We would really appreciate any suggestions, ideas, reviews or anything of the sort...

Thank you for any and all help!

Re: Reception Venue + Hotel in One; on a $3k-4k Budget?

  • With your budget (same as mine) probably not doable since hotels have strict food minimums and if you don't hit them then you have to pay outlandish space rental fees. I would suggest one of these 2 options:

    1. Cheaper Option. Regency Lake & Tennis Club $650 to rent holds 150 people (some will decline), You can bring in your own foos and beverage. Then use a bus service like A Paige to Remember out of Blair ($85 per hr) to transport people to Regency Lodge less than a 1/2 mile away.


    2. Cut guestlist so no more 120 expected to attend. and do the event at Joslyn Castle by purchasing a discount certificate at then do the similar bus thing to Colonial Hotel less than a mile away.

  • that's not a bad idea. I am still waiting to get official numbers back from doubletree but am hoping it will fit in ok since we aren't doing a sit down dinner or anything. 

    Do you know on the bus rental if there is an hour minimum?
  • I used Paige to Remeber for a drunken holiday lights show 2 years ago and they where fine wih us doing 2 hours...that we later extended to 3 hours.

    We went with Paige to Remember over places in town because 1.places in town have larger minimums, 2.start at $110 an hour and charge from when they depart from the company to when they get back to the company instead of your pick-up to drop-of time, and 3. their buses are nicer (more like a  converted grayhound bus).

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    Having worked in the hotel industry, I can tell you that hotels are going to be about 3 times what your budget is for a Saturday night.  However...check into Anthony's as they have a gorgeous outdoor area whether you want an outdoor ceremony or just for use for part of the reception space and the ballroom is very nice also.   That puts you on 1 block away from Cocoa Keys and Comfort Inn and I can tell you that the Comfort Inn is beautiful inside and has a ton of very inexpensive suites.  You could also host your reception there.  Most in Omaha don't know it, but that Comfort Inn on 72nd and Grover does have a room that although it's not a "ballroom"  is used for large banquet functions and would fit your budget.  They also have a bar on site and restaurant for after wedding activities as well as an indoor pool 
  • Or you could rent a 15 person van for $90 per day at
  • Thanks ladies that helps with some ideas for sure. We have since also looked at the Sheridan and the DC  Centre, both of which seem great and the DC centre can easily fit our budget (on a friday night, dessert only reception). The Sheridan still hasn't come back with final prices for me which is a little frustrating but still. 

    The Country Inn and Suites is 2 blocks away so we were thinking about maybe just getting an econoline van like you suggested. I still would love to do it at a hotel, but this may not be too much different. 
  • How about a bed and breakfast?
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