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Hi everyone, I have some thoughts about favors and I'm finding that the costs really add up fast.....what would you say is the  average cost of favors or range of favor expenses?  how much is too much, or too little to spend on favors?  please help me out here, b/c I just have no idea what people spend these days on favors.....is $300-$400 average or too much?  we will probably end up having around 130 people at our wedding

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    It all depends on your budget. I'm spending about a dollar per person for frosted glass votive candles with personalized matchbooks.  Some people forgo favors all together and put the money elsewhere in the wedding. Truth be told, unless your favor is edible, many guests will leave their favor behind. I'm doing candles, but I already have plans for the ones left behind. 

    On the flip side of things, some girls on here talk about giving miniature bottles of wine/champagne or full sized bottles of wine, which can average quite a bit per person.

    If you are looking to save money on favors, I would recommend going for something edible, most guests prefer edibles anyway. Also, save your money and don't get your favor personalized. This will increase the chances of your guests actually keeping the favor and using it in your home. You could always just skip the favors all together, as the reception itself is your thank you to your guests for coming to the wedding. 

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    There's a post a little ways down entitled $favors$.  There's no set amount, it just depends on what you want to give and spend.

    I did mini bottles of champagne and they were actually half the cost of my candy buffet.  If I had it to do over, I would have just done one or the other, possibly skipped them altogether.
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    We are doing it DIY cupcakes in a jar. We are only going to spend about $1 or so per person, but only because we can make them ourselves. It all just depends on what you want to give as a favor and what you think your guests will enjoy most.
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    There's really no good guideline for this. I would say it would be spending too much if your budget for favors prevents you from offering things at the reception. For example I went to a wedding where the favors were wine bottles for every guest, but the bar closed for an hour during dinner. I would have rather them put the money of the favors towards a full open bar for the night.
    On the other hand, I'm doing full size champagne or wine bottles as favors (havent decided which yet). BUT- I'm having a full top shelf open bar (grey goose, patron, etc) so its not making me cut corners at the reception
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    I agree with previous- depends on how much you're willing to spend, if you'll have to cut elsewhere, etc. I think theknot's budget estimates them at 3% of the budget? So since my wedding is 12,000 I have $360 for favors, which is about $1.40 per person.

    I am a sewer, so I am thinking that I may buy fun fabrics in my wedding colors and sew fabric napkins for the reception-  that way I save the linen rental cost, its more personal, and they can keep their own (or, as many people say that favors get left behind, those who stick around til the end could collect a set of 4). I think that depending on how much they cost to rent, its an easily excusable purchase since I'd be spending the money anyway. Similar for centerpiecse- if the favors are part of the decor, its a bit easier to negotiate more money per favor.
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