Poems in memory of those who can't be with us

Hey girls,

I am working on my to do list and right now looking for a poem. I lost my dad a few years ago and my FI lost his brother when he was younger. I am making a board with pictures of us and family members. I am thinking of putting a poem on the board as well. Which ine do you guys like more, be worned it is a bit of a tear jerker:


Today we remember
that loved ones are missing today,
Ones our hearts hold on to,
As we travel along life's way.
Loves ones who made life so special,
for all those who gather here,
Ones who won't be forgotten,
But cherished from year to year.
And now as we pause to remember,
Let us all fondly recall,
how dearly each of us loved them,
and oh... how they loved us all!



   Although we can't see you
we know you are here
Smiling down, watching over us
As we say "I Do"
Forever in our hearts,
Forever in our lives,
And so we say our vows
In loving memory of you


Re: Poems in memory of those who can't be with us

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    I love both poems, but I think the second one is shorter, sweeter and more fitting for a wedding.  I say shorter because you'll have a better chance of people reading it all the way through and getting the full impact.  Nice work!
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  • brilibby4brilibby4 member
    edited December 2011
    I like the second one.
  • Krista521Krista521 member
    edited December 2011
    they are both beautiful, but i agree that the second one would be better for a wedding.  i think it's really special you are including this in your wedding!
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