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Invitation wording

Alright, so my FI parents are footing most of the bill for the wedding. They do not want to include my mother’s name on the invitation. My FI parents are adamant about this and will not budge. Any suggestions for how to rectify this situation? I am at a loss here. My mother is also stating now that my family doesn’t want to come to the shower that my FI mother is hosting. 124 days to go and I am ready for it to just be over, the fun is no longer there in the planning. HELP!!!!

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Re: Invitation wording

  • Typically, the names only go on the invite if they are hosting/paying to some degree.  However, you said they are footing MOST of the bill.  Who is footing the rest?  If it is your mom, you have a right to include her name too and that needs to be communicated to them with reasoning (mom is paying for flowers, cake, bar, etc).  Would she be open to wording such as, "Together with their parents, Bride & Groom request the honor of your presence at their marriage?"  That way no one's names go on the invite specifically.  It sounds like she wants credit though.  We used the above wording, but we're also paying for the wedding.

    If your family doesn't want to attend the shower that your FMIL is hosting, then they don't have to, but that sounds childish to me.  They have the option to attend or stay home and should do so without informing you or pulling you into it.  They can plan their own shower too, but again, that shouldn't be your worry or concern.
  • I did together with their parents. FI's parents are paying for most of the wedding as well and there are some issues with my mom. I thought putting leaving names off would keep the peace.
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  • We did not include anything about parents since its a complicated situation.  We simply stated "The honor of your presence is requested at the marriage of..."  No harm no foul.
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