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Opinion on Leo Wedding set?

This is the set my FI is looking at getting me. It seems...big. I am going to try it on soon, but I have small hands.

Opinions? There is a 360' view on the link.

Re: Opinion on Leo Wedding set?

  • Look, no one but YOU knows what YOU like and want to wear for the rest of your marriage.  I hate it when people have to come here and ask for opinions on rings.  It's a very personal choice! 

    The only thing I can give an opinion on is that I thinke Leo diamonds are over-priced.  Having worked in a chain jewelry store, I think they're a gimmick.  You cacn just as easily purchase a perfectly cut stone for less cost elsewhere.
  • Well here is the lesson I learned yesterday. Pictures can definitely throw you off. I posted a thread yesterday about my ring I am getting because I kept thinking it was too big as well  but once I got back into the store and put it on again it was fine. The ring looked much too large in the picture but on my hand it was perfect.
    If you get it and still think it is too big on maybe try it with a different band or something so it's not so wide. I agree with Amoro about the price though, you might be putting more money into the name than the rock itself.

    The good thing about asking for advice from others is that it can help you look at a decision from another perspective. When it comes down to it, even with many suggestions it will stil be your choice, but it doesn't hurt to have others throw their two cents in especially if you are able to pin down what might be bothering you about it.

  • The thing is, I KNOW what I want, and this is it;I just wanted other fresh eyes on it, simple as that. :)
  • That is a really good point, Jessica. I want to try it on and go from there.
    I'm suprised by the negative vibe I'm getting from this board- there's no harm in asking for all the extra viewpoints you can get, especially on a large purchase such as this, I think.  This kind of post must pop up often.
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    [QUOTE]The thing is, I KNOW what I want, and this is it;I just wanted other fresh eyes on it, simple as that. :)
    Posted by Aquaries01[/QUOTE]

    If you KNOW this is what you want, then go for it.  That ring is totally not my style so I could sit here and list a couple reasons why <strong><em>I </em></strong>wouldn't want it as <strong><em>my </em></strong>ring.  If you know you want something, I think its best to just go for it before you ask for a ton of conflicting opinions.
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  • Rings almost always look bigger in pictures, especially when no one is wearing them, because there is nothing to give it scale.

    So try it on and see!  My wedding band looks twice as big online as it does in the store.
  • This ring will come in many different sizes. (diamond sizes) If you have small hands this ring would look very nice. (If this is the style you like)....I would suggest it with a 1/3ct to 1/2ct centerstone for someone with small hands.
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