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Good Morning

Happy Wednesday! How is everyone doing today? Any wedding stuff on the agenda? I'm taking my invitations to the post office in a little bit then I will hopefully be making some more progress on bridesmaids gifts and jewelry for myself. I'm not working today besides teaching my cardio kickboxing class tonight. :) Hope everyone has a WONDERFUL day!

Re: Good Morning

  • Rach- Invites - that's a big check!! have fun at kickboxing.

    I've got my last dress appointment tonight (well, the last one I have scheduled so far. I hope it will be the last one!!) So far I've looked at widly different styles of dresses. The first day it was more fit and flare / mermaid style. Last night was more dropped waist / slim Aline style. Way more princess-y than I thought I would like but I really did! Hopefully tonight there is something that totally wow's me and I can be done! Dress shopping is stressful.

    We are trying to decide which wedding website to use so that we can order our Save the Dates and get those out there.

    Otherwise I've been slacking big time on planning but hoping to get back on track this weekend.
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    Good Morning.  I am working...yuck!!

    Yay for the invites Rach.  That is so exciting when they go out.

    Sara - Dress shopping can be soooo stressful.  I had a very hard time with finding a dress.  I ended up buying a dress because I thought that it was the one, but I then saw a pic of another dress and ended up buying it.  (It was the best decision ever.)  I hope everything goes well.  Pics of dress shoping please  :) 

    As for me I am impatiently waiting for my pictures from the photog.  My contract says 2-4 weeks, so I am trying to be patient since it has only been 13 days.  He emailed me this morning and said that he will have another sneak peek for me soon.  Fingers crossed.
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  • Morning ladies! Cathy welcome back! I love your pix that I you posted!!!

    Today is my shower at work!! Should be fun, as much as I kind of didn't want it I'm really looking foward to it right now. I need something to make me excited again! Other than that, working (but I'm not getting any new stuff now! YAY!), going to pick up my stupid car after work and trying to get to sleep before tomorrow.
  • Hi Ladies!

    I have a break at school and wanted to come chat for a bit. Hope everyone is having a great day!

    Not much going on here-- started getting some RSVPs in the mail (yay!) and today I'm going to the dermatologist in hopes he can help me with my pizza face before the wedding, lol!

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  • Hi Ladies!
    Not too much going on with me today, just working and going to the gym after. Even though this week feels like it is going pretty fast, I am still ready for the weekend. I have just been so tired this week!
    I am off to the post office to get stamps for our AHR invites! While I absolutely loved doing our wedding invites (one of my fav parts!), I am so ready to be done with invitations :-)

    Brittany - have fun at your shower today :-)
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  • Good Morning!

    I have been a very productive employee at work today!  I received more mailing addresses so I can address more envelopes, yay!

    Rach- that's exciting!!  I hope you get RSVP's fast!

    Sara- Good luck shopping, and share some pics!

    Cathy- I can't wait to see more pics!!

    Brittany- Have fun!

    Faith- I am in the same boat, my face is looking so bad now :-(  In my early 20's I saw a dermatologists and he gave me facial peels that helped tremendously...I'm sure your derm can find a solution! :-)  The peels are expensive though, back then it was covered under my insurance...now it isn't and I just don't have it to spend...hope it works out for you!

    Trudy- I think you've been talking about invitations for the last 2 months now, lol!!
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  • Afternoon ladies!! Working today luckily it is hump day!! I have been Googleing the.crap out of my wedding colors to get inspiration. Other than that i am not really.doing any other wedding related activities. Sounds like everyone has some good wedding things going on. Have fun and good luck ladies!!
  • Nicole - I know!  I will officially be done with invites by Nov 3rd...woo-hoo!!
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  • Meg - googling wedding colors? Do you just put wedding and then the colors you are thinking of? I'm still trying to figure out what we are doing -- probably some combination of blue, green and brown (FI wants to wear a brown suit)
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  • Hey ladies!

    Brittany- I hope you had a great shower!

    I am on day 3 of my new position at work, I am working the 4pm to midnight shift..I actually love it! So relaxing and I have enough down time to finish school work and wedding projects :))) Nothing wedding related today. Wedding stuff starts up again next week :))
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