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Engagement Photo Session Suggestions?

I'm stuck on trying to figure out how/where/what our engagement photos will be.

I know it's supposed to capture you as a couple and include some of your interests you have together...

I've narrowed it down to a few ideas. We live in FL so both of these ideas are easily possible.

#1: Go to Disney World and take pictures all over the Magic Kingdom. (We're huge Disney Lovers, we're actually honeymooning there!)

Thing about this one is that we'll have to pay for our photographers (it's two girls) to get in.

#2: Include the board game Monopoly somewhere. We LOVE monopoly and play it all the time. (Even though he beats me mercilessly everytime)

I'm having the hardest time trying to figure out where we would set up our game. Beach is a possibility but it might look awkward.

Any suggestions/ideas?
What did you do?

Thanks! Smile

Re: Engagement Photo Session Suggestions?

  • If you really like the Disney idea but don't want to have to pay go to Downtown Disney.  It will still have some great places for you to take pictures and it's free.
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  • Have you heard of the new give a day get a day promotion. You are the fiance could volunteer or give blood and cut the cost of tickets in half. My mom just volunteered somewhere and got her free ticket. Check out the website.

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    Have you checked with Disney?  We looked into doing ours at the local Aquarium, and in addition to charging us admission for the photographer, they wanted an additional fee to take pro photography (even for non-commercial purposes) there.  I would be shocked if Disney didn't do something similar.  

    Anyway, I'd do the beach or a park.  You can always take along the monopoly board and set it up and pretend to play on a park bench at either.  
  • My mom offered to do our engagement photos... so if you have a willing friend or family member, you wouldn't get a lot of arguing from Disney.
  • That is a good idea, but I already hired our photographers they are wonderful.
    If anyone lives in FL, check them out!

    Vitalic Photography

  • My sister just got engaged and they are doing theirs in Central Park when the weather breaks. We had ours done in the bar where DH and I met ;-)
  • I really like the Monopoly in the park idea! Disney is a great place to take photos but it's not very intimate. If you are looking for something a little less public, I would take the board game to a local park. Get a bright-colored blanket and set-up a mock picnic with the game. We live in Florida and went to a park for our pictures and it was beautiful and very intimate.
    Either park is going to be great! I am sure your photos will be beautiful!
    PS. The Wilderness lodge at Disney has a beautiful beach area with lovely woods in the background, that may be a good place to set up your game and incorporate the beach. Good luck! :)
  • I like the disney world option if your willing to pay for it. It sound unique and fun!
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