thank you gifts for shower?

I'm looking for ideas for thank you gifts for the women who are throwing me my showers (one in my hometown, one in FI's hometown).  How much should you spend, any cute, unique ideas out there?

Re: thank you gifts for shower?

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    I got both of mine (sister & best friend) a bottle of lotion from Bath & Body Works and a huge coffee mug with their initials monogramed on it stuffed with peanut M&M's (a favorite of theirs). I think a Yankee Candle would also be nice. It's really what you think they will enjoy. I think overall I spent about $25 on each.
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    A hand written note, IMO, is the best way to thank someone who throws a party in your honor, so with any gift I would include this.
    I had a lot of showers so maybe you can get an idea from one of the gifts I went with:  I got my aunt an umbrella with her initials embroidered on it, to play on the shower idea. I got each of my girls a pack of padded hangers with a note attached.  For my DH aunts, I got a bath bomb from LUSH (in Macy's) and a box of chocolates. For my co-workers who threw me a shower at work I got gift cards to Starbucks & coffee mugs. HTH!

    AS far as what to spend, it's up to you and your budget. It should be heartfelt, not obligatory. No one will expect anything in thanks, but if you're like me and simply love excuses to buy people presents, you'll get them something anyway!
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    I got my mom (also my MOH) a gift certificate to Mitchell's because I knew she wanted to get her hair colored and cut before the wedding.  MIL also threw me a shower and I gave her a bottle of wine.


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    I roamed around TJ Maxx and made up 3 cute gift bags for my mother's three friends that threw me a shower.  I did not know them very well so I had no idea what to get.  I ended up finding these cream colored, rose-shaped votive holders with pink votives.  I pinked out a pretty box of "blank-inside" cards, and I threw in a bag of Italian chocolates.  Each gift bag with those 3 items came to under $10.  The woman loved them and they were very surprised as they had not been expecting a gift at all!

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    I went with a gift card to Mitchell's also, the host was thrilled!
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    A small gift is a very nice touch. I agree with PP that you should include a note showing your appreciation. I got pashmina's (it was winter time) and lip balm from Sephora for my friends that threw me a shower
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