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Hello ladies.   Does anyone know of any rental companies In the KC area that rent Chiavari chairs for less than $8 each?  I'm not complainging about the price, but I only ask because most places I've seen rent them for $8-$10 each, but while on one of the national boards, someone said where they lived (In IL maybe?) they rent for somewhere in the $4-$6 range.  I would love to have these chairs, but at $10 each, it add up... 
Thanks in advance for any input! 

Re: Chiavari Chairs

  • There aren't a lot of vendors that rent out Chiavari chairs and the ones I have seen are $8 and up.  But if you do find some let us know!

  • If you have your event at the Stanley Event Space in Lees Summit then they provide Chiavari chairs as part of deal (which is a pretty affordable event space). I am not sure if you already have a venue, but you may want to look into it. Hope this helps!
  • I've researched chiavari chairs before, too. I LOVE how they look, but I have not found them any cheaper than $8, either, from any of the event decor rental places in KC.
  • I know the prices vary based on color. I am getting mine through eco-posh events, www.ecoposhevents.com .  The owner Erika is also my DOC and I've liked working with her. She's recenlty branched into the rental business but you should contact her for a quote.  I think her prices are currently just under $8 for Chiavari Chairs. 

    Also keep in mind that there are different Chiavari chair brands.  My DOC told me that some have a weight limit of 200 lbs hence why they may be cheaper.  
  • Thank you all so much for the responses.  I guess I have a decision or justification to make ;-)  Also, I had never thought of a weight limit.  Good to know!  Thank you!
  • I just did a new post on the board.
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