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So I fell in LOVE with this cake topper:

These cake toppers are all handmade by an Artist from Etsy. You can customize it to your wedding colors and all, the only problem is that it is $205. Do you girls think I should still go for it? I can scratch the money together somewhere in the budget right? ;)

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    Make something similar yourself... that would certainly save you the money and you'd still get to have a cute topper like you wanted. If you're not that crafty, enlist the help of a more creative friend or relative.
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    I agree w/PP. You should make something yourself. THey are really cute, but you could probably save the cash and make it yourself. :)
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    I agree if you or one of your crafty friends could make one you would like it even more, and you wouldn't feel guilty about how much it cost!
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    I am a very crafty person, but that is exactly the problem. You should see my to do list... Knitting flowers for the center pieces, making my own Invites, menus, programs... just to name a few.
    Maybe I should write to the artist and ask her if she wants to do a craft exchange ;)
    ... So many disissions .... arg
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    I'd see if another Etsy seller can duplicate it for less $$.  It's super cute, and something you can display at home for long after the wedding. 
    We did clay sculptures of the two of us in our wedding attire, with our cats.  The Etsy seller did an AMAZING job at making the characters look like us and our cats - and it was a LOT less than $200!  Our characters just sat on the edge of the cake, but I can't imagine that the tree part should cost too much, and your birds are a lot less complicated than my long curly hair, detailed dress, DH's half bald head and goatee.Wink 
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    chayer do you still remember the name of your etsy seller?
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