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My invitations are in!   My invitations are in!!     I think we all know what ill be doing this weekend!  

How did you ladies address yours?   Handwritten?  Or is it ok to pick a pretty font and print the labels?   

Im creating a planning bio at this very moment, so pics will be up soon! 

Re: Check!

  • woooo hoooooo!  I plan on using lables.  Yes it may not be as personable, BUT it will definately be neater.  I feel like it will look better IMHO!

    Good Luck!
  • That's awesome.  Post pics please.  :)  I am going to print my with the printer.  I know you should handwrite them but my handwriting it not great and I want a more finished feel.  Personally I could care less what people do as long as it looks nice.

  • Congrats! Can't wait to see them...

    We are having them printed by the store.  I don't have very good handwriting and my mom would stress me out if she did them!
  • PIB!  

    Im just gonna do the labels.   I dont really care, and I dont think anyone else will either.  Too bad if they do!  
  • Congrats!!!  It felt so much more "real" when my invites came in...
    We lucked out - an old friend of FI's has amazing handwriting - I asked her if she would address them & offered to pay her - she said she would do it for free!!  She has already done our wedding invites and is working on the AHR invites, which I'm hoping get done quickly because I wanted to get them in the mail this week...
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