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Wedding Date Debate

We've been trying to figure out when to get married. It's an Alberta wedding with a wedding party from all over western and northern Canada. We all attend the same university and we want to cut travel costs for our friends. The best man is from NWT and cannot drive 18 hours home just to come back, driving even further for our wedding. We will be finishing our degrees at the end of April 2013 and want the wedding to happen soon after that so everyone is still in the area. I'm trying to get the planning out of the way now so our fourth year can be devoted mostly to school. We've thrown around two dates, May 4 and May 11. We're leaning more toward May 11 to give us time to do last minute plans and rock our exams, but May 4 will allow everyone else to leave a week earlier for work (we all have after degrees to pay for on top of preexisting student loans). We looked at having a fall wedding, but our after degrees are taking us all over the place - some out to New Brunswick and others to British Columbia and all around Alberta - so the easiest is a spring wedding (told to us by our travelling wedding party) and we would like to consider their opinions in this. We want to avoid going any later into May (Victoria Day, the need to work in our hometowns, and the inability to get time off at new jobs are discouraging this). What are your opinions on the 4th and the 11th?
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  • Personally I would go with the 11th it gives you alittle more time to plan and to get final details down and it also gives you that little extra time to focus on your finals. Is the best man leaving right after he finishes school? Have you discussed the two dates with your bridal party any to get an idea? In the end it's what you and your FI want. It is very nice of you to consider your traveling bridal party.
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    If the 4th is more convenient for all of your guests & isn't going to impact you or your FI negatively then I'd go with that. 

    1 additional week of planning in the grand scheme of things (when the wedding is this far off) isn't going to make a difference. 

  • One thing I'd suggest is to make sure of when mother's day falls on that year. A lot of vendors tend to up their prices around occasions.
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  • Mothers day is May 12th that year
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