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Hey Guys,
I'm new to the knot and just got engaged. I haven't started booking anything like that because we are having a long engagement (until I am done with Grad School) but I have started looking for reception sites because I know that will be the toughest part. My fiance and I both have large families. We have a pretty good sized budget, but don't want to overdue it. I love the venue Windows on Minnesota! It looks beautiful! The only down side is there is no price or menu or anything on the website. Is anyone here getting married soon or recently married and had their reception at Windows and can tell me a little bit about it? I would really appreciate it!

Re: Windows on Minnesota-The Marquette

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    I know it is a little on the pricey side of things. not sure about exact price, but it isn't cheap.
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    It's a beautiful space! I'm recently engaged too and doing tons of venue research. Here's what I know, current as of late July:

    A Saturday evening in the fall of 2012:
    - $1500 room rental
    -%1500 food/bev. minimum
    - Includes space for ceremony, social hour, and dinner/dance
    - Group room rates are ~$119-169

    and I'm not positive, but I think packages start at $72/person.

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