Chaning your name? Copies of Certified Marriage License

How many certified copies of the marriage license do you need?  My coworker told me six, I read online somewhere that you need one or two?  I was married in DC and live in MD. 


Re: Chaning your name? Copies of Certified Marriage License

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    One of my co-workers told me to get 10, but it's because I do government work and have all kinds of security paperwork that will need to be redone.  I'd get at least 4 even if you think you'll only have basic changes.
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    I got three, and I've only sent off one original at this point.  I'd say three is probably fine.
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    I didn't get any.  I got married in DC, live in VA and used the other copy not sent into DC with original signatures when I went to the DMV and Soc. Sec. office.  I have not sent in my paperwork for a passport yet and that is the only place I could see needing an additional certified copy since it is sent through the mail.

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