Start my new job tomorrow...

and I am NERVOUS!! I am nervous that I won't like it, but I will HAVE to suffer through because all my money has run out. My last job I was at for over 4 years and I hated it. The first few months weren't bad, but then it was awful from that point on. So, fast forward to August of this year and I put in my resignation. It was waaaay out of town and my commute was insane, so I knew I needed to at lease find a job in the Columbus area where FI works and where we both live. Combine that awful commute with the fact that I hated the job, and I was a miserable person! Anywho... I worked with a staffing agency and my recruiter found me a job in Columbus. I agreed to it because I was desperate... I went in for my first day and I immediately knew it wasn't for me. I guess I knew that going in, but like I said, I was desperate to start making money to pay my bills and pay for this wedding. I hoped it would be different once I actually started the job, but NOPE! I won't go into detail, but I only made it through one day there. It was awful.

So, tomorrow I start a new job close to where I live now, woohoo! I am excited, but I also get nervous meeting new people and doing a new job. I am afraid I won't "get it" right away and get all discouraged. Has anyone ever had that crazy nervous feeling before going into a new job?
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Re: Start my new job tomorrow...

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    i have the same feeling! i start my new job on oct 10. mine is a bit different because it's my dream job so i'm just a tiny bit worried it won't live up to my expectations. good luck lady!
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    Good luck. Hopefully it will be much better than the last ones. I always have the nervous jitters before starting a new job or taking on a new large task.
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    Good luck hopefully you LOVE it!!!! 
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    Ohh good luck!  If you don't mind me asking, what types of jobs are you looking for?  I am the Learning Resource Center manager at a small school around here and one of my duties it career services (post jobs, making referrals, etc.)  I can keep and eye out for good opportunities if you happen to not like your new job.
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    Thanks so much ladies!! :)

    @jn... that would be great!! Honestly, I am not sure what I am looking for! I would have to say my passion lies in education, just not teaching. I sent resumes to just about every school district around here and got no response. I am really good at office work (I know that's pretty vague), but I love to be organized, task-driven, and when I accomplish goals I get really excited :) My FI is a teacher and he just loves it. He is so good with kids, but I am much better at the office end of things, unlike him. LOL :) I don't want to be stuck in a cubicle the rest of my life, but I think that is what this new job is... but I am not 100% sure. I am definitely going to give it my all, but I am totally open to actually finding something that makes me smile every day when I get out of bed! I know most people don't actually have a career doing what they love, but i'd at least like to try. We spend an awful lot of time at our jobs... it's so tragic when people despise what they do because they need to pay their bills. Been there, done that. Anyways, thanks SO much for the offer! Do you want me to forward you my resume?
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    Hope you had a great first day!!

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