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assigning tables

Okay so everyone on the other boards are saying that I should assign tables to my guests. I am doing that for the VIPs mom, dad, buella, ect... but I've never been to a wedding where everyone had assigned tables... idk if my or his mexican family will actually sit where I tell them to. Does assigning work for people of our culture, or will they think I'm pretentious?
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Re: assigning tables

  • I come from large Mexican families and I understand that this is not common in my circle. If I assigned my family to tables, they would automatically assume that I did it in a negative way or I think they're stupid and can't seat themselves.

    Yeah, kinda crazy. For my wedding, i didn't have assigned seating but I did have a few extra chairs just in case because you will have an open chair or two.
  • Thanks for confirming my thoughts! :)
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