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HELP!-bridal shower

My sister is getting married (in Alaska, just her and her fiance) and then coming back and having a reception a month later.  I want to throw her a shower but she is not your traditional girly-girl.  She is kind of a hippie (really into music, loves beer, camping/hiking, etc).  I have no ideas on what to do for a shower.  I think something outdoors themed and co-ed/family.  Her fiance has a 6 year old son, and they like to include him in everything. 

Any suggestions?

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    is she registered at all? If she isn't registered, I would not throw a shower, since the point of a shower is to "shower" the bride with physical gifts. However, if she isn't registered, you can still throw a luncheon or something similar in her honor that is not a gift-giving event like a shower is.

    If she is registered and wants a shower, I would talk to her about it. Ask her what she would like or what suggestions she would have for the type of shower she pictured. Couples showers have become more popular, so I think that is fine. Just make sure everyone invited to said shower is also invited to the at-home reception.

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    Unless your sister in inviting guests to the actual ceremony, you should skip the shower. I have been to a few 'at home receptions' and many of the guests brought gifts to them. Your sister should still create a wedding registry for those that want to give the newlyweds gifts. If you want to plan a party, make it a casual welcome back dinner or offer to help out with the reception.
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