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Military Brides

Hey ladies! Im new here!

Im really excited to be posting on this board! Im currently an army gf, but my bf and I are talking about getting married next year. He is currently deployed and we are waiting for him to get back before we "officially" get engaged.
Im already stressing!
Iv never really wanted a wedding before. I always figured Id be a courthouse bride, but after looking at pictures of military weddings, Im not so sure anymore... they are absolutely beautiful and IMO so much more symbolic!
My bf likes the idea of a courthouse wedding and then 2 big receptions/parties. Our families are in two different states and we want to make sure everyone will be able to come, and we dont want to have to choose between TN and GA.
Im totally undecided as of now!
What kind of wedding are you going to have? (or already had....)
Any ideas will be greatly appreciated! =]

Re: Hey ladies! Im new here!

  • My H and I had one wedding and the people who could make it from our two areas made it. 
    I hate Dave Ramsey
  • You would be surprised by the amount of people who would travel. We had our wedding in Florida and we are both from NY. I thought we would have about 15 people there and we ended up with almost 50. If you give people enough notice, they will probably try to make it work. The people you want there the most will probably come. 
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    It truly makes no sense to have a wedding, then 2 receptions later. Save your time, save your money, and have your one wedding. Not everyone will make it, but that's just how it goes. 

    Half of my family showed, the other half did not. H's family had only (for the most part,) just his immediate family there, and many people on his end did not show. Our wedding was still awesome. 
  • We had the wedding we could afford in the limited time frame would could do it. What was most important to us was that we were married.  We didn't really care who was there with us except my kids.  There were 30 people there.  My husband's family could not afford to travel from TX to GA, so they missed it.  The next time we were able to make it down there, they had a BBQ for us to celebrate.  
    All that said, if people are able to travel, they will.  TN and GA are right next to each other.  It's not that far of a trip.  If one family is in S GA and the other in TN, pick a place half way.  There are a ton of nice places just north of Atlanta that would be perfect.  You only get married once.  If you do a court house wedding and then two parties, those people aren't actually seeing you get married anyway.  It always seemed a bit pointless to me.  
  • Say no to two receptions and have just one wedding and reception. TN and GA are so close, as iluvmytx wrote, so many would come.
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