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DIY Brides?

Hey guys! I know we're all a good ways-away from our weddings, but I.Am.Obsessed with crafts and crafting. Seriously, its a problem I've had since I was a kid, but whatever I love it. I was just wondering if there were any other craft-minded brides on our board :) What have you gotten planned already? Any awesome inspiration sites you love? Anything you've gotten started??

I have my first project almost done! I figure if I spread it out over 18 months...its okay. Or at least thats what I explain to FI. It's inspired by this picture from Pinterest

But I'm making a set of "MR" and "MRS" letters in this yarn/glitter pattern, to string together and put on our chairs. I'll pip when It's really done.

Craig and Alix 2013 Fallingwater Wedding
Lucky I'm in love with my best friend ... 
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Re: DIY Brides?

  • rdr, I really like that sign idea!! I think it's so cute, and it'll look great at your vineyard!

    jessicaemery30 holy bejezzus, haha you're making me feel like such a slacker!! I really wanted to do the BM hangers, but my best friend got married this summer and did them all for us already.... and I have the same BMs.... and I know they'll totally think "Oh you stole this idea from Mal!" because they have no clue what is trendy in the wedding world! I'm totally going to follow your Pinterest boards - don't think I'm creepy! :)

    Danny&Mel (mind if I just call you Mel?) - I AM SO JEALOUS. The closest craft store to me, is a good 20-30 min away. :((( Really hurts my projects! But FI is glad, because I don't spend all our money there haha.

    I'd love to keep knowing what you girls are DIY-ing! I think my next project up is figuring out a ceremony backgrop/streamer type deal, that can be moved to behind the cake table. ALA:

    I know thats small- but I think you can click it and it'll get bigger. Like that but different tones of the same color - not multicolored.

    Craig and Alix 2013 Fallingwater Wedding
    Lucky I'm in love with my best friend ... 
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  • I like your streamer idea! Both of my venues have a lot of character, but that looks like something great to spice it up! Yes! please follow me. I'm obsessed with pinterest and love finding new ideas. I'll follow you too :) happy planning! I am a student and finals are coming up soon so no DIY'ing for a few weeks for me!
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  • i love your idea! i think i'm going to try something like this

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