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Asking MOH soon, but not bridesmaids?

I am considering asking my MOH and ManOfHonor to officially be in my wedding this week before my engagement party on 6/23. As far as the bridesmaids I was considering waiting until Dec or Jan to ask them since we probably wont be getting married til July 2013. I am not 100% on who I want to ask and I know a lot can happen between now and January. One of the girls I am thinking about asking is getting married in Oct and I am in her wedding. I dont want to ask her now and make her feel overwhelmed while she is trying to still plan her wedding. At my engagement party we are asking my fiances 4 neices to be jr. bridesmaids, but nothing will change about that either. he promised them years ago they could be in his wedding. What do you guys think? is it crazy to ask my MOH and Man of Honor now and then wait on the others?

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Re: Asking MOH soon, but not bridesmaids?

  • 1. The conventional wisdom is not to ask until about 6 months before the wedding, because relationships change.

    2. You really can know some relationships won't change. I asked my bridesmaids as soon as I got engaged, for a 15-month engagement. They're my sisters. That will never change. If we have a falling-out, something's going on that's much bigger than my wedding. I also knew I wanted a small bridal party.

    3. I'd feel awkward adding anyone later, though. It's strikes me as kind of a B-list bridal party situation.
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